Acronnect Releases ImageEngine Updates

Acronnect Releases ImageEngine Updates

Nettie Hartsock

Two of the more useful Acrobat plug-ins on the market are Acronnect’s ImageEngine and ImagineEngine Export tools. ImageEngine enables users to be all-knowing when it comes to specific data in regard to existing images within source PDF files. Acronnect has now released updated versions of the PDF tools, ImageEngine 1.2.0 and ImageEngine Export 1.1.4, which include compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

ImageEngine is an Acrobat plug-in that provides capabilities for users to gather information about a source PDF document, and export and render the images within that document as well. ImageEngine Export is an Acrobat plug-in that exports the image data from the source PDF document and converts them directly into Adobe Photoshop format. Utilizing either of these plug-ins does not change the original PDF document in any way.

The ImageEngine 1.2.0 upgrade also includes a new Render PDF function noted by Ilmenau, Germany-based Acronnect Software in a release.

This function combines the already existing import function with the render pages function and converts the source PDF document into an image-based PDF, according to the company. The Render PDF function applies the render method of the Adobe Acrobat application to gather images from the source PDF document and those images are then collected in a new PDF document.

Specific functions available in the upgrade include the inspect function, extract, export, render, render PDF and render pages function, render selection, and import images function. The utility is aimed at enabling users to learn the specific image information on any source PDF document as well as being able to import or export a specific image or images to new PDF documents.

By utilizing the inspect function on the ImageEngine 1.2.0, for instance, users can gather all pertinent information about images within a source PDF document.

Users can preview the image and determine the size of the image as well as the image box, resolution, type of image, color space and bits per color component, data size both compressed and decompressed, compression factor and compression method.

All of this information would be compiled within a newly created PDF document which could then be used as a quick reference for any available source PDF document image.

Both plug-ins are only available for the MacOS platform versions MacOS 9.2, 10.2 or later and work with versions of Adobe Acrobat starting at 5.0. ImageEngine is priced at $291 and ImageEngine Export is $78.

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