Acrobat Elements licensing minimum drops to 100

Acrobat Elements licensing minimum drops to 100

Don Fluckinger

Adobe reduced the minimum buy for Acrobat Elements from 1,000 in version 6–the debut version of Elements–to 100 in

version 7.


Acrobat director of product marketing Pam Deziel says that the licensing

change was made to make it more inclusive for enterprise, after Adobe customers

“made a compelling case” that it would be used at the departmental level in

large corporations, and that smaller businesses might buy in.


“When we originally developed Elements, we envisioned it as the

corporate-wide solution for simple PDF generation,” she says. “We really

intended it an enterprise product, but over time we’ve come to see it more as an

appropriate departmental solution to allow every one in a department to have PDF

generation capability, or for small and medium-sized businesses. So we’re trying

to address a broader set of customers with that product by lowering the

licensing minimums.”


While Deziel did not indicate Adobe plans to release a single-user

license box for retail–a la Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements–in the

future, she did point out that, under OEM agreements, both HP and Dell offer

single copies of Acrobat Elements as upgrades from Reader for purchasers of

certain new computers.


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