Weed and brush cutter

Weed and brush cutter – Brief Article

Don’t let the unusual appearance of the Bachtold Bros. 8200 Champion Series weed and brush cutter fool you. It’s uniquely designed to handle anything from grass to six-foot high weeds, and saplings up to one and a half inches in diameter. It’s perfect for a variety of heavy-duty weed and brush cutting chores in agricultural, commercial and industrial property maintenance. This unique-looking mower is the product of more than 50 years of evolution within a time-tested design. Yes, the patented revolving guard looks like a mutant caterpillar, but its open design allows brush to contact the blade and be discharged easily without clogging the mower or stalling the eight-horsepower engine. The Bachtold 8200 comes with a standard Briggs & Stratton 8-hp engine. Options include the 8-hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial Plus series or 8-hp Honda OHV engines.



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