NRPA Annual Fund Campaign – how contributions were used by the National Recreation and Park Association

Kenneth S. Kutska

Congratulations and thank you to all our members who contributed to last year’s successful Annual Fund Campaign. On behalf of the National Recreation and Park Association’s Development Committee and the Annual Fund Committee I would like to thank all who have helped to make our first two campaigns successful. Under the leadership of our chair, Fran Mainella, each campaign received donations from nearly 300 members, generating more than $60,000 toward new programs and projects for your association.

Although that is a significant number, our goat is to have each and every member contribute to NRPA beyond the cost of annual membership dues and the countless volunteer hours many of you devote to the betterment of our association.

What have your donations done for NRPA? With your generous contributions, were been able to:

* Purchase cataloging software for the Joseph Lee Memorial Library

* Fund new product development for the benefits program

* Purchased a high-tech overhead projector for the NRPA Headquarters’ Musco Auditorium

* Pay towards retirement of the Ahren’s NRPA Headquarters’ building loan

* Develop an NRPA Web search engine that will enable members and NRPAnet subscribers to conduct keyword searches of our Web pages more quickly and accurately

* Fund a commissioner/citizens board member video designed to educate citizens at local and state levels about the important rote they play as advocates for public park and recreation services

* Purchase a display booth to help market NRPA at regional, state, and ally-organization conferences

* Purchase LCD projectors for each regional office for use at schools and institutes

Funds raised during the 2000 campaign were designated by donors to support programs such as branch special projects, benefits, and playground safety, and for other initiatives such as research, capital improvement and the Joseph Lee Library. These funds will be allocated during the year as requests are received.

This month marks the beginning of our Fourth Annual Fund Campaign.

What will we do with funds generated in Campaign 2001?

One of our major goals is to generate new entrepreneurial dollars to fund innovative staff, branch, section, regional council, and member initiatives that help NRPA attain its mission and vision for the future. The development committee that reviews and selects projects for funding is always looking for economically sound programs that extend our annual campaign funds, that is, programs and projects that may not save us money today, but will be financially beneficial well into the future. We are seeking ideas that reduce NRPA’s overhead and eliminate or reduce program expenses and labor costs while attaining the Vision 2010 Strategic Plan goals and objectives.

We challenge you — the membership — to look at fund-raising in a different tight. Fund-raising is not a dirty word; in fact, it has become an important component of every one of our jobs. If it is not an important part of your job now, it soon will be. Why is it that many of us can solicit funding assistance throughout our communities, yet we find it difficult to make a personal financial commitment to the future of our profession and our association? I look at fund-raising as a necessity to ensure the future stability of our association, Whether we like it or not, we’re fighting for financial security against other units of local, state and federal government that provide social services to all Americans. If we cannot see the benefit in giving to our own organization, how can we expect those on the outside to understand our goals and financially contribute to our success?

Our Committee is looking for park and recreation professionals, citizen advocates, and corporate systems dedicated to parks, recreation, and environmental conservation advancement. The NRPA Development Committee, the Annual Fund Committee members, and the Board of Trustees have already made pledges to the campaign and invite you to participate in the Annual Fund 2001 Campaign, which will provide critical resources necessary to enhance our effectiveness and to prepare us to meet the future challenges.

When is your help needed?

Today! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Consider making a significant financial pledge to the Annual Fund 2001 campaign today. Please take the time to photocopy and complete the enclosed pledge form and mail it back to us today. Please note that you can restrict your contribution to specific program areas. If you would like to write your check and fulfill your pledge at this time we would more than happy to accept it, however we realize many people would prefer to make their contribution closer to the end of the calendar year for tax purposes. Just indicate on the form when you would like us to invoice you and we shall do so.

We’re all being asked to contribute to a variety of funds and causes. Each request has its own merits. We are challenged to evaluate each solicitation and to make decisions based on the benefits to the donor or to look at how society benefits from the work of the recipient organization.

NRPA is entering a new era with the appointment of Destry Jarvis as the new NRPA Executive Director. Destry will focus his attention on moving the NRPA agenda forward by enhancing current program as well as developing new projects. He believes that our future success in fulfilling the NRPA vision will depend in part, on our ability to secure necessary funding to execute our initiatives.

Please stretch your mind and pocketbook when you begin to assess what the National Recreation and Park Association has meant to each and every one of you. Thank you for your consideration and please feet free to contact any of the NRPA Annual Fund 2001 Campaign Committee Volunteers.

If you would like to help the campaign in any way please contact us through our NRPA staff liaison, Elaine Lynch at (703) 858-2143 or by e-mail at

Question: Why should I make a contribution to the Annual Fund 2001 campaign?

Answer: Who else other than NRPA is going to provide you with continuing education opportunities, timely dissemination of knowledge, and special interest and networking opportunities, as well as unified voice representing our concerns as deliverers of public Leisure services. Simply stated, a strong NRPA is best able to respond to the issues, trends, and future challenges that threaten the United States’ position as a great place to raise a family, work, and play while better preparing us to do our jobs.

Question: Who has the most to gain from this campaign?

Answer: YOU and your constituents! However, it’s not until our membership makes a cumulative contribution to the campaign that can we begin to reap financial support from our citizen and corporate advocates. Once our membership has demonstrated its support, we will begin to convince others (who directly benefit from a strong local, regional, state, and national park and recreation delivery system) to make a similar commitment.


The Annual Fund is a vital source of revenue for the Association. It is an invaluable source of support–a pool of resources upon which NRPA relies to meet its fiscal responsibilities Donor names are listed alphabetically by region, then by state. If you name is not listed and you have sent in your donation to the 2001 Campaign please contact us. Campaign committee and volunteers are listed at the end of the donor list.


Through their generous financial support, leadership donors become members of NRPA’s six Annual Fund Leadership clubs.


The Founding Member club gives special recognition for those gifts for the past year totaling $5,000 or more. (Highlighted in blue in Donor List on the next page)


The Associate Member club includes donors whose gifts during the past year totaled between $2,500 and $4,999. (Highlighted in magenta in Donor List on the next page)


The Platinum Members are donors whose gifts during the past year totaled between $2,000 and $2,499. (Highlighted in violet in Donor List on the next page)


The Gold Members are donors whose gifts during the past year totaled between $1,500 and $1,999. (Highlighted in gold in Donor List on the next page)


The Silver Member club includes donors whose gifts during the past year totaled between $1,000 and $1,499. (Highlighted in silver in Donor List on the next page)


The Bronze Member club recognizes donors whose gifts during the past year totaled between $500 and $999. (Highlighted in bronze in Donor List on the next page)


through June 13, 2001



Mr. Robert Espeseth

Mr. Steve Hartman(*)

Mr. Kenneth Kutska(*)

Mr. Steven K. Messerli(*)

Mr. Bob O’Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Rich Randel


Ms. Leah Gunderson

Dr. Bryan McCormick


Recreation Creations, Inc.


Mrs. Judith Anderson


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hall



Mr. Thomas Farrell


Mr. Richard Rodda


Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gould



Mr. Marvin Billups, Jr.(*)

Mr. John P. Harden

Ms. Anne Simonsen


Mr. J. Clarke Burke, Jr.


Mr. Ivan Swanson


Ms. Mary Bennett




Mr. Bob Farnsworth(*)


Mrs. Doris Bedell

Miss Daisy Carter

Mrs. Ran Mainella(*)


Dr. Michaell Taylor


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frauson

Mr. Phil Rea

Mr. H. Douglas Sessoms

Ms. Gait Elder White(*)


Mr. Harvey Faust

Mr. Maxwell Ramsey

Mr. Lawrence Zehnder


Mr. Michael Corwin

Mr. Denis Galvin

Dr. Gerald O’Morrow

Mr. Wayne Page CLP

Share America


Mr. William Kelley

Mr. James L. McClelland



Mr. Bryan Day


Dr. John Crompton

Ms. Lois Finkelman

Mrs. Jody Hamilton, CLP

Mrs. Terese Hershey

Mr. Ralph Mendez, Jr.

Ms. Margaret Young



Ms. Carolyn Armstrong

Mrs. Lori Daniel, CPRP(*)

Ms. Linda Kotowski

Ms. Nancy Wellnitz


Mr. Marry Nohe

Dr. Marvin E. Wollen


Mr. & Mrs. Eugene





Mr. Ralph Mingo

Mr. Robert O. Robertson


Mr. James Hall


Ms. Victoria Vanneman




Mr. Don Tarkington(*)


Mr. Gene Andal

Ms. Mary Castillo

Mr. Chris Jarvi(*)

Mr. Jonathan Korfhage

Mr. Stephen Mead, CPRP

Mr. Douglas Washington


David Michael Shea(*)


Mr. Dennis Merkel

Mr. In Nam Yi




Committee Members:

Fran Mainella, Chair

Marvin Billups, Jr.

Joe Crookham

Bob Farnsworth

Ted Flickinger

Swede Frauson

Bob Hall

Terry Hershey

Ken Kutska

David Lose, Co-chair

Eric O’Brien

Volunteer Members:

Dale Barbeau

Harold Barenz

Steven Carpenter

Dave Clark

Dave Clifton

Lori Daniel

Terry DeWeese

James Donahue

Gail Elder White

Harvey Faust

Gary Haller

Cindy Heath

Dan Hope III

William Kelley

Jonathan Korfhage

Sam Lankford

Alton Little

Wayne Lowery

Dalton Mann

Margaret McCormick

Bill Nelson

Marcia Noyes

Bruce O’Neill

Joe O’Neill

Ellen O’Sullivan

Terri Palmberg

Phil Powell

Bob Robertson

Ira Rubins

Bob Saylors

Perry Segura

A.J. Shelton

Graham Skea

Eddie Tanner

Michaell Taylor

Terry Trueblood

Doug Washington

Jim Webster

Rip Wilkinson

Ken Winslade

Marvin Wollen

Anne Woodell

An asterisk(*) indicates donors of $500 or more

COPYRIGHT 2001 National Recreation and Park Association

COPYRIGHT 2001 Gale Group

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