Connecticut court bounces back

Connecticut court bounces back

Of course the Greater Stamford Tennis Association (GSTA) offers tennis lessons, but who knew it could teach a thing or two about finance management?

The GSTA runs introductory tennis programming for all ages through Stamford Recreation Services out of Scalzi Park in Stamford, Conn. Scalzi Park is one of the 89 public tennis facilities across the country that received a portion of the more than $243,000 in grants from the USTA Adopt-a-Court Program to repair its courts.

Scalzi Park, the hub of public tennis in the lower Fairfield area, was awarded a $10,000 piece of the USTA Adopt-a-Court pie–$5,000 from the USTA National office and $5,000 in matching funds from the USA Tennis New England Section, the USA Tennis Connecticut District and Stamford Recreation Services. But thanks to some strategic leveraging, Scalzi Park, with help from GSTA, was able to parlay the funding into more money so it could embrace a $500,000 restoration project for its 12-court facility. The target date for completion of the project is June 1.

“The Scalzi Park Courts are truly in a state of disrepair,” said Tim Curry, co-founder and president, GSTA. “We convinced the city of Stamford to quit throwing money away filling in cracks that would sink again, and opted to launch a campaign to build a new foundation and restore the courts.”

The Scalzi Park tennis restoration project–appropriately termed “Scalzi Tennis Bounces Back”–is geared toward building a first-rate tennis facility for all members of the community to enjoy, but the project also has national significance. The GSTA has been awarded a sanction to host the 79th Annual National Public Parks Tennis Championships (NPPTC) July 25-31.

“The Adopt-a-Court funding was like the drop of water that created ripples in the pond,” said Curry. “The initial grant allowed us to launch our reconstruction campaign and approach other funding sources with a concrete action plan to host the NPPTC. We garnered additional money from our USA Tennis district and the city of Stamford and are moving onto other targets.”

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