Advertising to Generation Y

Advertising to Generation Y

Advertising is becoming ever more difficult and expensive. Air time during the nightly, network news is much more expensive, in inflation adjusted dollars, than a generation ago, yet none of these shows reaches anywhere near the market share that Walter Cronkite did. Getting the attention of Generation Y is the most challenging demographic for advertisers. They watch much less television (and fewer commercials), subscribe to fewer periodicals and listen to less commercial radio than the generations preceding them. This group has less brand loyalty than any other.

The reason for all this can be summarized in one word, according to Rob Dodson, President of Irvine based Vail Dunlap & Associates – technology. The web has replaced the nightly news, the iPod has replaced the radio and favorite shows can be downloaded sans commercials.” “The etfect of technology goes deeper,” says Dodson. This generation is not only comfortable with change but expects it and sees it as positive. When they need to buy a new widget they do not just buy the same one they bought last time. They are more likely to research it via the web and text messaging their friends; thus the lack of brand loyalty. Tried and true is passé; new and improved is the norm.”

The right promotional products

Given all this, Dodson says that advertising to Generation Y can be a tremendous challenge. Promotional products imprinted with a logo and advertising message CAN be very effective (rad, tight, sweet, whatever). Gen Y wears caps and t-shirts just like the rest of us; they use a wide variety of computer related products and they drive cars. If you use a cap or t-shirt, it needs to be a style they will relate to, low profile, sleeveless, moisturewicking, etc. If you get them to use your mouse pad, they may be seeing your message eight hours a day. The key is to have a quality pad (one that will work well with lightening fast games) and with a graphic that has appeal. On a cost per impression basis, this could be the most cost effective idea in history. Generation Y will continue to be elusive for advertisers. The right promotional product will possess three of the most important advertising attributes – highly targeted, affordable, and keeps the message in front of the target.

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