The Model 200 shredder disintegrator from Security Engineered Machinery

Scott Cullen

The Model 200 shredder disintegrator from Security Engineered Machinery reduces paper to particles less than 3/32 X 3/32 inch, exceeding current Department of Defense standards for paper destruction. Unlike conventional shredders, the Model 200 uses a rotary knife mill design, which consists of two knives mounted on a solid steel rotor and two knives on a stationary bed. As the rotor spins, waste is continually cut by the passing knives until it’s small enough to fit through a 3/32 X 3/32-inch steel screen. In addition to destroying paper, the Model 200 can handle CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, credit cards, ID badges, microfilm, and even audio cassettes. The system operates on 115-volt power. It consists of a cutting unit and an attached waste extraction vacuum. Both are housed in a sound-proof enclosure for quiet operation. The small footprint allows the unit to fit in any office, mailroom, computer room, or copy center., Reader Service No. 555


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