Put Fido on the payroll – Industry Trend or Event

Plunk down a few more hundred for Fido’s veterinarian bills and you begin to fantasize about how to slide him onto your tax return as a dependent. Daydreaming aside, pet insurance is among the many new types of coverage offered to employees in these days of tight labor markets. Along with legal services, auto insurance, laptops, and high-speed Internet access, RewardsPlus predicts the Internet will soon enable employees to select what makes sense for their own individual benefits package, not just what the employer is giving every-one else.

Other unique benefits corporate employees will soon enjoy are portable retirement plans; alternative medical insurance, covering such procedures as acupuncture and laser eye surgery; long-term medical care; elder care; child care; discounts on travel and accommodations; entertainment discounts; retailer discounts; online bill payment; paternity benefits; and telecommuting tools.

Aside from technology and the tight job market, many other factors are influencing the change in corporate benefits, including an aging workforce, more dual income households, alternative work schedules, and changes in health coverage and medical protocols. Employees’ attitudes are also changing and bringing a greater understanding of the value of various services and benefits products. RewardsPlus leverages e-commerce to deliver customized benefit solutions to employers, employees, and service providers.

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