Product focus: binders & filing products

Marion Hudson

According to Smead, more than 80 percent of the cost to maintain a filing system is generated by the time spent using it, and color-coding cuts that personnel time by up to 30 percent. Considering the professional organizer population explosion and the proliferation of books about organizing, getting organized seems to get as much attention these days as losing weight. The quality of your organizing is partly dependent on the products you use to create and maintain storage for organized paper and other media. Using color may help you organize better, as statistics show, but acquiring colorful, spanking new file folders, labels, dividers, and other necessary material may also help raise your enthusiasm for this often tedious and sometimes overwhelming task.

Binders give presentations a professional look, and the flexibility of a binder can allow users to easily add notes and replace information as it is revised. Binders are also convenient for creating your own reference book that includes news articles or other references to a certain topic of interest. Here are some of the latest products we’ve found to help keep you organized.

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