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Window Book now provides a bridge between Software Marketing Associates’ Pro-Mail System and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with its interface for Pro-Mail 5 and Pro-Mail Fulfillment Solution. For mailers, Window Book’s Dat-Mail and Post Master mailing software now include support for Pro-Mail 5 and enable users to print the postage statements and optimize their postal operations overall. With WindowBook, Pro-Mail 5 users may prepare, edit, and store postage statements using Mail.dat files from presort software and/or manual data input. The interface enables using Pro Mail 5’s postage accounting to easily keep track of clients, jobs, permits, and mailing activity and replace costly paper-based verification with USPS-approved electronic acceptance and verification. Users can also optimize transportation planning, taking both freight cost and delivery speed into account, and improve drop-ship operations to free up staff for higher-gain activities.

For shippers using Window Book’s Postal Package Partner, manifesting and delivery confirmation software now includes support for the Pro-Mail Fulfillment Solution. Postal Package Partner takes the order data from the Pro-Mail Fulfillment Solution and makes it easy for shippers to fulfill and ship their orders at low postal rates. Postal Package Partner also includes support for many of the parcel consolidators that fulfillment houses use to ship Parcel Select. For more information, visit

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