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Marion Hudson

To keep the mail moving enterprise wide, Charnstrom offers a wide variety of mailroom accessories. The Sorter Mounted Bulletin Page keeps employee lists, postal rates, and other information handy. It consists of 10 steel-framed 9 X 11.5-inch protective pages with color-coded tabs and mounts easily on a sorter.

Employees come and go and so can their mailbox/sorter labels. Charnstrom makes a plastic label holder with a cardboard insert, and its VELCRO brand closure backing allows mailroom workers to move labels around as necessary for personnel changes.

If your company mail carts have to roll between buildings during snow or rain or heat or gloom of night, the Weatherproof Canvas Cover that fits the Charnstrom’s Compact Cart protects the contents of the cart in transit or storage. A zipper and VELCRO brand closures make it easy to put on and remove the cart cover. The durable Weatherproof Nylon Basket Cover serves the same purpose on a smaller scale. Elastic edging keeps the cover securely in place, and it fits the company’s medium-size baskets.

To maximize the serviceability of your carts and protect walls, furniture, and ankles, check out Charnstrom’s easy-to-install rubber bumpers. Several sizes and styles are available, such as the 5-inch diameter “donuts” that fit around cart legs.

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