Heavy-duty shredder buyers guide

Marion Hudson

If your midsize company or work-group is data intensive and in need of tight corporate security, a heavy-duty shredder can lower your risk of compromised confidential information. When confidential documents wind up in the trash, they can fall into the wrong hands at several stages in the solid waste stream. Visitors may peruse office waste cans and Dumpster divers could he gathering company information for your competition. Shredding is also environmentally friendly because shredded paper doesn’t take up as much room in the landfills as whole paper, and you may want to talk to your recycling pick-up company about its requirements for taking shredded materials. In addition, your mailroom can use shreds as packing material to save yon the cost of buying foam pellets or other plastics for packing.

When choosing a shredder, think about the level of security you require, and then choose a crosscut shredder to yield tiny particles of waste or a less costly strip-cut model. Crosscut provides a higher security level than strip shreds, but because crosscut requires a more complicated cutting mechanism, it will cost more. If you want to shred CDs, diskettes, or other data-recording media, check model specifications for these materials. Some crosscut models in this range can handle CDs on a limited basis or not at all, but many heavy-duty strip shredders can.

Also consider who will service the shredder and whether supplies such as oil and bags are readily available. Several safety and convenience features are standard on shredders but may vary slightly between brands. Safety features can include a mechanism for shutting down an overheated shredder and a cabinet door that won’t open if the shredder is running. For convenience, many shredders will stop or reverse and may even sound an alarm if a jam occurs. An automatic mode can enable simply feeding material in to start the shredding process. Take a look at the shredders we found for work groups, and visit the manufacturers’ Websites to check out other machines and more details.

GBC Shredmaster 3270M Micro-Chip Shredder

The 3270M Micro-Chip Shredder quickly shreds almost any type of paper as well as paper clips and staples into more than 1600 unreadable 3/32 x 19/32-inch chips-five times smaller than a standard cross-cut shredder. The machine can work continuously to swallow up to 10 sheets at a time, with the motor never needing a cool down period. Its 10-inch deep, funnel-shaped throat can accommodate oversize sheets and disorganized stacks of paper, and this new chip size produces 50-percent less waste than former crosscut shredders, which means a longer shredding time between waste bag changes.

The GBC Micro-Chip Shredder is an efficient solution to the short-and long-term needs of organizations that require this level of document destruction. It’s available through Quartet GBC Commercial and Consumer Group office channels with a recommended list price of $1,349. A Micro-Chip Shredder with a 15-inch throat–the 5270M–is now available and sells for $2,149. Neither of these two models can shred CDs, but the company makes several heavy-duty models for strip cutting paper and discs. GBC Shredmaster has been manufacturing shredders for more than 40 years, backs its machines with a warranty, and provides an on-site service network. Visit the company Website www.gbc.com for additional information.

Industrial Paper Shredders IPS621/622

The IPS621 strip and IPS622 crosscut shredders make excellent central office machines and are furnished with a 2.0 hp gear drive and a 50-gallon cabinet receptacle. The 621 can rip through 45 sheets as well as compact discs, and the 622 has a capacity of 35 sheets. The units feature hands free, automatic start/stop via photocell sensors: auto reverse anti-jam; and audible/visual alarm indicators for door open, bag full, and anti-jam safety sensors. Each shredder comes with a single-tier forms feed rack, and an optional three-tier forms rack is also available. Accessories include waste hags, oil, and automatic oiler. The IPS621 lists for $2,417.25. and the IPS622’s price tag is $2,912.25. Go to www.industrialshredders.com for further reformation.

HSM 225.2sc

The HSM 225.2sc (straight cut) paper shredder offers an automatic start/stop electronic eye, auto reverse for overfed paper, and automatic stop for when the container becomes full or the door is left open, In addition, an easy-lift lid makes this model suitable for shredding CDs, credit cards, and diskettes with the specially hardened steel cutters that are also unaffected by paper clips or staples.

A convenient pull out system enables bag removal, and the HSM specially adjusted drive is designed for high performance, which allows for long periods of use with thermal protection. The company also offers this model in crosscut and high security specifications. The HSM 225.2sc is constructed for low noise operation, has a shred size of 1/4 inch strips with sheet capacity of 30 at a time, a container volume of 16 gallons, and a throat opening of 12 inches. The strip-cut model sells for $1,499.25 and the crosscut version is $1,649.25. For further details, visit www.hsmofamerica.com.

Ameri-Shred AMS-150

Ameri-Shred has four heavy duty office paper shredders available, all with precision ground alloy steel cutters, durable all-steel construction, and quiet operation. The AMS-150 is the most powerful of these with a capacity of 32 sheets at once and a throat opening of 16 inches. This shredder will also destroy CDs, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a steady diet of discs. The cutters are self-sharpening and durable enough to shred large and small paper clips, staples, and metal fasteners. The self-adjusting cutter head eliminates the need for manual adjustments, and all electrical components are housed in an enclosed, dust proof unit to prevent particles from corroding the contacts and hindering the shredding function. If service is required, the entire electrical module can be easily removed and replaced.

The cutter head and drive base are mounted on rubber isolators, which virtually eliminate vibration and noise, and the Ameri-Shred machines have positive overload protection to prevent the machine from jamming and damaging the components. If an overload occurs, the cutter head automatically pauses, reverses to eject the paper, and then stops the machine. All models are warranted against defects for three years, and the cutters are warranted for 10 years including the self-adjusting cutter head. The AMS-150 list: price is $5,300. The company has a nationwide service network to respond with local service and a wide variety of accessories for Ameri-Shred machines such as feed tables, shredder stands, plastic shredder bags, security containers. and cutting bead lubricant. The company’s other three shredders in the heavy-duty class have capacities ranging from 11 to 27 sheets. Visit www.ameri-shred.com for additional information.

Intimus 602 series

The Intimus 602 series machines are all round paper shredders with a special feeder for continuous computer stationery of all sizes. They feature a full 16-inch working width with a guide strip to ensure accurate continuous feeding and have a functionally styled design with a compact folding paper shelf, dust-free operation with large catch basket, and casters for easy mobility. With fully automatic operation, user–friendly visual indicators, and specially hardened steel cutting cylinders, the Intimus 602 series models have a continuous duty motor for maintenance-free service.

The Intimus 602 is the 1/4-inch strip cut version with a capacity for 30 to 36 sheets at a time. The 602 CC (crosscut) model comes in two versions by shred sizes of 1/8 x 1 inch and 1/16 x 5/8 inch with a capacity of 15 to 19 and 12 to 16 sheets respectively, and both the 602 and 602 CC will destroy CDs. The 602 HS (high security) is also a crosscut machine with a 1/32 x 7/6-inch shred size and can take on 7 to 10 sheets at a time. The suggested retail price is $2,399 for the strip cutter, $2,699 for the 602 CC, and $4,199 for the 602 HS. For further product details, visit the Website www.intimus.com.

MBM Destroyit 4003

The Destroyit 4003 offers a 30-to 35-sheet capacity for the crosscut version and shreds 45 to 50 sheets at a time in the strip model, which will also destroy CDs. It can eat up staples and paper clips and has a 16-inch feed opening, and the user-friendly shredder has clearly arranged symbols and pilot lights for easy operation. It stops automatically when the shred bag is full or the paper jams. The plastic shred bag helps contain dust and can be accessed behind the electronically secured cabinet door. A compacting pedal in the shred collection box increases cabinet capacity.

The MBM model stops and starts automatically, and the durable motor is rated for continuous duty. The pearl gray cabinet is mounted on casters, and for added safety, there’s a thermal overload switch. The Destroyit 4003 has a five year warranty on both strip and crosscut shredding wheels and a one-year limited warranty on other parts and components. The strip cut version is listed for $4,299 and for crosscutting, the price is $4,999. Visit www.mbmcorp.com for details.

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