Software updates

Software updates


SpectorSoft Corporation

333 17th Street

Vero Beach, FL 32960

T: 888/598-2788

F: 772/770-3442

Vero Beach, FL – SpectorSoft has begun shipping a major upgrade to eBlaster, a software product that allows users to know exactly what employees are doing on the Internet, even if they are thousands of miles away. eBlaster 3.0 records, then instantly and automatically forwards a copy of both incoming and outgoing emails and records all websites visited, all applications launched and all key-strokes typed, sending an activity report every sixty minutes to a user-specified email address. This activity report contains both sides of any chat conversation and instant message. The report includes the URL of every website visited, every keystroke (including date and time and actual captured characters) and a summary of all e-mails. Users can even specify certain words or phrases and if those words are typed, eBlaster captures the content and notifies the user by email immediately.


Acroprint Time Recorder Company

5640 Departure Drive

Raleigh, North Carolina 27616

T: (919) 872-5800

RALEIGH, NC – Acroprint Time Recorder Co. introduces a new HR software solution that offers employee information at your fingertips. HRx human resource management software is the prescription for any small business wanting to manage employees electronically. This software solution stores all employee information, including personal and benefit data, salary history, evaluation reviews and more. More than a data storage program, HRx helps users manage employees. The software includes 14 major data modules and over 75 reports.


DPD International

1290 N. Hancock Street, Suite 204

Anaheim, CA 92807

T: 714/695-1000

F: 714/695-1010

Gold-Vision server-based application, touting itself as “the clear alternative to CRM” turns Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer into a customer management tool with automated communications tracking. Through a single window view, any customer interaction or other account activity is automatically centralized, secured, analyzed and tracked. The user is presented with the complete customer profile and history on one screen. Gold-Vision tracks all incoming e-mail, faxes and account notes, filing them in the appropriate account view; the full communications, order, and quote-history are displayed in a simplified format. Users can log onto Gold-Vision from their office, home or Internet location to collect e-mail, faxes, check stock levels, write and send letters, monitor account status or even process that last minute order from within the customer’s premises.



360 Franquet #60

Sainte-Foy QC G1P 4N3 Canada

T: 418/527-0528

F: 418/527-1751

Copernic Empower server-based application is divided into four complementary modules for searching the Internet. The Indexing Module retrieves and indexes unstructured data from intranets, file servers, and websites regardless of its format (HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and plain text). The Federated Search Module queries a number of information sources-secured and public-simultaneously whether they’re found on the Internet, intranets or extranets. From a single access point, users can search groups of indexes that are inaccessible using conventional indexers, and thereby obtain results that are unsurpassed in quality and relevancy. A Tracking Module documents and detects automatically any changes that are made to their contents or states. Finally, the Summarization Module using advanced statistical and linguistic algorithms to pinpoint the key concepts of texts and extracts the most relevant sentences to produce a condensed version of any type of document. With this technology, employees spend less time reading without missing any essential information.


Made E-Z Products, Inc.

384 S. Military Trail

Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442

T: 954/480-8933

F: 954/480-8906 or

OfficeReady Forms and Certificates software, allows users to create and customize business documents with the click of a mouse. Users can now produce business reports, newsletters and awards to add impact photos to sales brochures, product bulletins, flyers and presentations. The CD includes more than 500 templates including 150 photo templates, 60 academic awards, business and motivational certificates, more than 300 Microsoft Word templates, 100 Excel spreadsheets, and 99 PowerPoint templates. An off ice-ready template browser locates templates that feature built-in instructions and an office-ready toolbar avoids pull-down menus.

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