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product registry

1 Phone Headsets

The MX500 mobile headset from Plantronics features pivoting WindSmart voice tubes, Flex Grip design, in-line, one-touch controls, and WindSmart wind noise reduction technology. The MX500 comes with two interchangeable lengths of WindSmart voice tube that allows users to customize their wearing style. The MX500 offers in-line volume, mute, call answer/end, and voice-activated dialing for access to the phone’s features.


4 ID Card/Biometric Readers

Three new swipe-style models have been added to Datastrip’s DSVII family of handheld ID card/biometric readers. Like the original DSVII-SC(SmartCard Edition), each of the new models includes a built-in 500 dpi fingerprint sensor, smart card slot, contactless components, and 3.5″ high-resolution color touchscreen that is readable in direct sunlight or low-light conditions for viewing decoded photographs, biographic information and/or signatures. The three new readers add a motorized 600 dpi swipe-style scanner and swipe slots of varying sizes for different uses.



2 Powers Up Mobile Travelers

The Universal Notebook Battery weighs less than 28 ounces and provides up to eight hours of continuous runtime. There is a power level button and LED capacity indicators to allow the user to check the remaining battery power. The Universal Notebook Battery offers 15-24 volt options that users can set via a rotary voltage switch. An input/output power port provides a simple way to charge and power the battery using a laptop’s power adapter. The battery includes tips and jacks that provide compatibility with most notebooks on the market today.


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5 Desktop Videoconferencing

Sony Electronics’ PCS-TL50 series of videoconferencing solutions feature a pan-tilt-zoom camera embedded in a 20-inch wide LCD display that doubles as a PC monitor. In addition, the PCS-TL50 includes an embedded codec, microphone, speakers, and a remote control that directs the camera. An optional tabletop microphone is available, and optional multipoint capabilities that can accommodate up to six sites are also available for both IP and ISDN calls.

Sony Electronics

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3 Multifunction Fax

The new Xerox FaxCentre F110 multifunction fax machine combines faxing with direct connect printing, scanning and copying. Features include a 33.6 Kbps modem for fax transmission in as little as three seconds per page; 10 ppm walk-up, and direct-connect printing with 600 dpi resolution. The F110 automatically reduces a document to fit the loaded paper size in tray. A protected memory saves faxes and device settings if power is interrupted and a keypad allows users to create cover sheets from program settings.


6 Fashionable Notebook Case

The HP Signature Series of notebook carrying cases come in two color options for two designs. The case interiors contain business card holders, file folder sections, key clips, cell phone pockets, PDA sleeves, and zipper pockets. Both cases include detachable mini bags for storage of smaller items such as money, ID cards or makeup. The Signature Series cases meet carry-on guidelines of all major airlines, and their top-loading design gives users access to the notebook compartment for security removal.


7 USB Drives

Verbatim’s Store ‘n’ Go USB Drives are about the size of a AA battery, and are instantly recognized when plugged into a USB port. Housed in translucent plastic shells, the devices can be used to store any type of digital data. With support for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems, Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Drives provide cross-platform compatibility and provide a maximum write speed of 14MB/sec speed and a maximum read speed of 23MB/sec.


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10 More Portable laptops

The Table Tote gives business travelers and consumers a portable workspace to carry with them at any time. When folded, the Table Tote is a 13 x 11 inch composite stand that, at only one inch thin, fits into a briefcase, laptop case or backpack. When in use, the table is adjustable to a height of up to 36 inches tall and the surface work area extends to a width of 18 inches to allow for optimum desk workspace. The Table Tote weighs less than three pounds and sets up in seconds.

PC Tables, LLC

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8 Laptop Desktop USB

Designed for notebooks 16″ and smaller, the Laptop Desktop USB allows users to slip their notebook computer into the glove-like holder that doubles as a docking station. By using a separate keyboard and mouse that connects directly to the Laptop Desktop USB, notebook users convert their mobile PC into a desktop computer, complete with a screen that is automatically raised for optimal viewing and ergonomie adjustability.


11 Out-of-the-Box Navigation

The Magellan RoadMate 300 is a color touch screen vehicle navigation system with built-in map offering turn-by-turn text and voice-prompted street navigation. Using the Magellan RoadMate manager PC application, users can download, street-level NavTeq map data and save detailed maps to 110MB internal memory. The memory allows drivers to access detailed maps using optional secure Digital memory cards. The Magellan RoadMate 300 is packaged with a windshield mount, a cigarette lighter adapter, an AC adapter, and a USB cable for PC connectivity.


9 Monochrome ECOSYS Printers

The FS-820 and FS-920 ECOSYS printers deliver 17 page per minute (ppm) and 19 ppm output, respectively, with true 600×600 dpi output, as well as an interpolated 1200×600 dpi output. The FS-820 and FS-920 have the ability to print on a variety of paper stocks; recycled paper, transparencies, labels and envelopes. The FS-820 offers a standard print memory of 16MB is upgradeable to 272MB, while the FS-920 comes with 32MB of printer memory (upgradeable to 288MB).

Kyocera Mita

www. kyoceramita, com

12 CORDination Station

The CORDination Station is a multifunction product that begins as a cord hideaway that neatens cords and cables through the use of flexible plastic rings installed inside its case. The CORDination Station has up to 10 UL-approved, surge-suppressed power outlets and can serve as a monitor or printer stand when used on the desktop. The Station family includes the iPowerPort/Elite which brings functionality to laptop users, and the CORDination Station Freestyle, which keeps cords and cables on the desk when a laptop user unplugs to take his or her computer on the road.

Leap Technologies

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