It is official. The National Office Products Alliance (NOPA), which is the national association for independent office products dealers, and Imaging Network, publisher of such dealer-focused publications as Office Furniture & Design and imageSource, have aligned to bring readers the new and improved Office World News.

Office World News wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our readers to NOPA and offer an inside look into the newly re-launched publication. Office World News sat down with NOPA President Jim McGarry and Imaging Network President Marc Spring to find out about the alliance and how NOPA is working to bring new opportunities to the independent dealer.

OWN: What prompted the alliance between NOPA and Imaging Network?

JIM MCGARRY: NOPA was about to re-launch its publication, Office Product Industry Report, as a four-color magazine. Imaging Network was about to re-launch Office World News in an improved format. NOPA has been an industry player for 100 years and Office World News has been an industry publication for over 30 years. Rather than competing against each other, it seemed like a great match.

MARC SPRING: Plus, Imaging Network and OFDA, the sister association of NOPA, teamed together earlier this year to bring independent dealers a furniture publication, Office Furniture & Design. We have seen so much success with that arrangement that working together again for another dealer publication was an appealing option.

OWN: What will be the major improvement for the publication?

MCGARRY: From an editorial perspective, which is what NOPA is responsible for, there will be a re-emphasis on dealer-focused content. NOPA publications generate content from a bottom-line perspective. NOPA’s goal is to help our dealers run their businesses more efficiently. Each of the articles in the new Office World News will address our goal and offer real “how-to” articles that are applicable to today’s business environment.

SPRING: Visually, we are giving Office World News a complete overhaul. The publication used to be tabloid-sized and the information had the look and feel of a newsletter. The new Office World News uses cutting-edge design that not only entices a reader, but also makes a lasting impression. Office World News sets a new standard for trade-based magazines.

OWN: For those of our readers that don’t know, what does NOPA do for the independent dealer?

MCGARRY: There are a number of ways in which NOPA helps the independent dealer, but in a nutshell NOPA has three main competencies: advocacy, research and communications. NOPA is the voice of the independent dealer on Capitol Hill for issues such as Association Health Plans and contract bundling (see cover story, page 7). With all the money and influence in Washington, independents need someone watching out for their interests.

NOPA also has the most current and reliable dealer research and statistics available on the market. There are two annual research reports that have become the industry standard for dealers: the NOPA Compensation & Benefits Survey (see story page 34) and the Dealer Financial Comparison & Benchmarking Guide. Both of these reports offer dealers the information they need to stay competitive in the market and to compare their business practices to their competitors.

As far as communications is concerned, NOPA teamed with Imaging Network to bring our dealers the two most in-depth, dealer-focused publications on the market: Office World News for office products dealers and Office Furniture & Designer furniture dealers. In addition to our print publications, NOPA has a number of weekly electronic newsletters to keep our members updated on industry news.

OWN: Marc, what does the new Office World News do for your fleet of publications?

SPRING: Office World News rounds out our coverage of the independent office products dealers industry. We now have three publications specific to this industry: Office World News, Office Furniture & Design and imageSource. Each has its own niche in the market and offers dealers the most reliable information available on which to base decisions. imageSource and Office Furniture & Design have always been the top publication in their respective niches. The new Office World News rounds out our publishing house, which now has the best dealer-focused publications on the market.

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