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According to Smead, more than 80 percent of the cost to maintain a filing system is generated by the time spent using it, and color-coding cuts that personnel time by up to 30 percent. Considering the professional organizer population explosion and the proliferation of books about organizing, getting organized seems to get as much attention these days as losing weight. The quality of your organizing is partly dependent on the products you use to create and maintain storage for organized paper and other media. Using color may help you organize better, as statistics show, but acquiring colorful, spanking new file folders, labels, dividers, and other necessary material may also help raise your enthusiasm for this often tedious and sometimes overwhelming task.

Binders give presentations a professional look, and the flexibility of a binder can allow users to easily add notes and replace information as it is revised. Binders ore also convenient for creating your own reference book that includes news articles or other references to a certain topic of interest. Here are some of the latest products we’ve found to help keep you organized.

Cardinal EasyOpen Profile, SuperLife Binders

The EasyOpen Profile and SuperLife Binders from Cardinal Brands have finger-friendly ring mechanisms that open with minimal finger pressure on a solitary trigger. Although the rings don’t snap shut with enough pressure to injure fingers, they are engineered to lock solidly with maximum pressure when fully closed. The mechanism even received the Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. The Profile has a handle molded into the cover and is contoured to remain stable and not rock when the user is writing on the papers inside the notebook. Injection molded in translucent frost-white poly, the Profile’s spine is equipped with a snap-on label holder that displays a paper label through a color-tinted lens.

Cardinal has also introduced the EasyOpen SuperLife Binder with a lifetime warranty. The heavy-duty molded poly ring binder has EasyOpen Slant-D metal rings inside, and with a cover that features a Dual-Fold living hinge the company guarantees will never crack or break down under the most active use. The poly cover makes the notebook archive safe for all kinds of documents and photos. You can find company information and product details at the Website www.

Cardinal Brands Inc.

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Avery Dennison Design Edge View, Ready Index Dividers, White Filing Labels

A new presentation binder from Avery, the Design Edge View Binder, has an embossed border design on the cover that adds impact to your title page while keeping it securely in place. An ideal companion product for presentations in binders is the Ready Index Translucent Table of Content Dividers made of durable plastic to allow you to easily create, revise, and update your table of contents by simply printing on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

For filing, Avery’s new White Filing labels are acid free, archival safe, and guaranteed to stick and stay. They work with ink jet or laser printers. For more company and product information, visit the Website www. averydennison. com.

Avery Dennison

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Durable Office Products Dictation Folders, Sherpa, Display Reference, InstaView Display

Durable’s unique line of specialty folders provides the ideal solution for incorporating dictated cassettes or supporting CDs into your permanent files. Open on two sides, each sturdy plastic letter-size folder has a transparent front cover with an upper pocket to accommodate either a business card or file label, and a second flap closure pocket can securely store either a dictated cassette or CD. Choose from the standard dictation cassette folder, the micro-mini cassette folder, the multi-punched micro-mini cassette folder, and the multi-punched CD folder. Multi-punched folders can be stored either as standard file folders or in a ring binder.

Durable has expanded its premium Sherpa display reference line with two new systems supplied complete with 10 panels to organize frequently used documents into one convenient reference center. Non-glare polypropylene panels have sturdy gray borders and are supplied with 10 snap-on tabs, which can be either top or side mounted. Panels, which hold two sheets each, turn like pages in a book, and can be easily removed for copying purposes. Both systems are expandable.

Eliminate clutter and organize frequently used documents into one convenient reference center with the versatile Standard Display Reference System, a wall mounted system with 10 clear tabbed panels providing 30 viewing sides. The system can be easily adapted for use on a desk with the optional desk stand or suspended from partition walls up to 73 inches high with the partition panel frame. Both accessories hold up to three systems each. The system is supplied with tab inserts in red, green, yellow, blue, and orange to provide a color-coding option if desired.

The economical InstaView Display Reference System provides an efficient way to organize frequently used documents into one convenient reference center. The basic system is supplied with 10 polypropylene panels with sturdy black frames, providing 30 viewing sides, plus a table stand and add-on connectors. The system is expandable with the purchase of additional units. For further information contact Durable by phone, 800/273-3118, fax 847/787-0811, or e-mail, or go to the Website

Durable Office Products

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Smead Arrange File Organization System, Color Viewables

The Arrange File Organization System manages paper files, electronic files, scanned images, and Web links and keeps them organized in one easy system. Users can locate any document in the file system with one easy search, whether paper files in a filing cabinet or electronic files stored on a PC, because Arrange can pinpoint each item’s location with the simple click of a mouse. This easy-to-use system locates all related items at once, so you can find paper documents and computer documents through the same search process. Arrange also organizes Web links so you can access relevant Website information along with paper and computer documents. In addition, the system helps you set up your paper files for better organization by printing color coded labels for your file folders and hanging folders.

If you scan important paper documents and save them on your hard drive, the computer becomes a virtual file cabinet that gives you access to all of your information, even when you are away from your office file cabinets. The Arrange System uses your computer and scanner to manage all forms of office information. Any electronic documents can be linked to related paper files and grouped into categories for quick access to all the files that share a common characteristic. Arrange creates a familiar icon for each item so you can tell what type of file it is. The user can also associate Web pages to related documents. The Arrange interface uses a familiar “tree” structure to show where files are located.

Whether you file papers in standard file folders, hanging folders, or use file folders within hanging folders, Arrange will help organize your files by creating Viewables labels and hanging folder tabs. As you add each new item to the Arrange system, a label is created on-screen to produce on a color printer. As you enter information for new items, a color preview of your hanging folder or file folder label is created on screen. The Arrange File Organization System comes with software, 25 labels, tabs, and protectors, and refill supplies are available.

The Viewables tab was first introduced to hanging folder users in 1997, and its innovative three-sided tab allowed file headings to be seen from the top, front, and back, and fit into the tab slots of any style of hanging folder to create vivid color coded labels for files as needed. Color Viewables software prints any combination of colors and will print both hanging and standard folder label styles at the same time for offices using interior folders inside hanging folders. No labels are wasted because the software remembers which labels have already been used on the last sheet printed.

The Viewables file folder label is designed to wrap over the tab of traditional file folders so the color-coded band is always clearly visible in the file drawer, no matter how tightly the folders are packed. The file heading appears on both sides of the tab, so folders are easily identified while in use. By color-coding your files, you can save time finding and filing documents because studies show that people recognize color much faster than they can read text. Locating folders becomes intuitive because you instantly know which section of the file you need. To get started organizing your office and get details about Arrange and Viewables, visit

Smead Manufacturing Co.

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Pendaflex Get A-Grip Expanding Files

The Get-A-Grip’s self-grip cover grabs onto any smooth surface allowing the file to hang over the side, freeing up desktop space. Ideal for the mobile professional, the new file product makes transporting documents easy. Designed to grip almost any smooth surface, each file saves space and alleviates aggravation by confining your work area clutter to one file. In addition, heavy documents can be placed in any of the Get-A-Grip Expanding Files without fear of the file slipping off of the desk.

Choose from three expanding organizers, each with the exclusive Get-A-Grip design and two-tone exterior. Each product has special compartments for a calculator and notepad. The Pendaflex Get-A-Grip Expanding File with six pockets lets you categorize your files into their own sections, complete with tabs and preprinted inserts for fingertip referencing. As paperwork accumulates, just drop letters, memos, and documents into their respective pocket to reduce the clutter on your desk. The Pendaflex Get-A-Grip Expanding Wallet in Letter Size or Legal Size easily stores records, receipts, and mail in one place. Just grip the wallet to the edge of a shelf or desk and it will hang open, saving valuable desktop space. Stylish cloth gussets provide reinforcement for durability. For more information, visit

Esselte Corp.

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