Let’s Get Small: PicoPad Wallet Notes

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself out and about and can’t find a pen or a piece of paper to write on? It’s one of life’s little annoyances. Now there’s a solution to this little dilemma that we happen to like. It’s called PicoPad “Wallet Notes from a company called Everyday Innovations (www.everydayinnovations.com). They’ve come up with a cross between a portable sticky notepad and a tiny pen.

The pen really is tiny-about the size of a sewing needle with little wings, which allows for a stable grip and for comfortable writing. It’s packaged in a little folder with a pad containing 15 sticky notes. The whole package is the size of a credit card, so it fits neatly in a wallet. Because it’s so compact and ubiquitous, the trick is remembering it’s in your wallet in the first place. We’ve been carrying it around with us for the past month, and it has indeed come in handy on more than one occasion.

PicoPad Wallet Notes was invented by Alan Regala, a mechanical engineer, who came up with the idea after repeatedly forgetting to bring his lunch to work in the morning. He started leaving a note in his wallet that said, “Lunch.” Then came the idea: What if that note could be stored in his wallet for everyday use, and wouldn’t it be convenient to have a pen handy too? From big ideas come small solutions.

www.everydayinnovations.com, Reader Service No. 150

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