Where is the clitoris

Where is the clitoris

Where is the clitoris?

“The average penis size is three to five inches,” the penis expert said on Cable TV.

`What is the average clitoris size,’ I wondered.

Although men seem more concerned about size than women, (the penis expert said), I have yet to see or hear a talk show on clitoris size. I would say, based on my own anatomy and the anatomy of past lovers, that the average clitoris is about two inches. Two Inches. That’s the same size as a lot of men’s penises, who are below average, according to the penis expert.

On this adult talk show was a sex-shop owner who said that although he stocks various sized dildos, “and some are huge”, he said with a wink, women buy small size dildos. What the men on this talk show are really saying is that women don’t care about penis size even when it’s an inorganic substitute; and, when women do buy dildos they prefer a small dildo which is more like a real penis.

Also on this mainstream talk show (The Lifetime Channel) was a man in silhouette, to hide his identity. The caption under his blackened-out image said, “Man who is comfortable with his penis.” Couldn’t Lifetime find one man who was comfortable with his penis who was willing to go on Cable TV and say, “Hey, I like my penis.”

So, is there any definitive statistic on the average clitoris size? According to the various “sex manuals” in a local book store, the clitoris is about one-inch long and during sexual excitement, it doubles in size and becomes erect. It would probably be easy to find women who are willing to go on talk shows and say, “I like my clitoris”.

Unlike the penis, which is external, the clitoris is well protected and hidden, even though it is also woman’s external sex organ. The clitoris is covered, in part, by the hood of the clitoris. When the hood is pulled back, the glans or the tip of the clitoris can be seen quite easily, but you can only see a small portion of it. The largest part of the clitoris is hidden from view. You can take your fingers and trace the clitoris and feel its hard shaft inside and under the skin. Stimulation on the clitoris, either the exposed glans or the hidden part, gives different types of arousal and pleasure, which is why some women can cum sitting on a chair without even touching themselves.

Of course, all men are born with foreskin, a covering over the glans of the penis. Some male babies have their foreskin cut off without anesthesia by doctors in the hospital. The baby’s penis is placed in a cutting-board device, the foreskin is pulled and held, and the skin is quickly cut off with a sharp blade. Then the baby screams, the mother cries, the father of the baby says, “its nothing” and the penis is wrapped in gauze. My sister, the doctor, says that during her residency this was the only procedure she was afraid to do. Mistakes happen.

In the elevator that I ride to my job there is a penis and vulva drawing on the inside of the metal door. The drawing appears to have been engraved there by a sharp metal object. The penis is erect, about five inches with two large balls drawn on each side. There is a hole at the tip and it is aimed at a very badly drawn vulva: just a slit with a hole drawn on the top of the slit. There is no clitoris. The artist apparently saw the vulva as having one function: to take in the penis.

A friend once told me that he had a frightening nightmare: while fucking a woman in his dreams, her vagina grew teeth. I asked him if he liked fellatio, and he said, “of course.” Some men must fantasize about toothless blow jobs because there’s a rap song about smashing a woman’s face so that her teeth break and fall out and then shoving the penis into her toothless mouth to get the best blow job ever (from rape). I forget the “artists” names.

Physiologically speaking, the anatomy of the clitoris and penis are identical in erectile tissue. Both swell and get hard when aroused. Everyone knows what happens when a penis is aroused. There are countless sources of informing us that men shoot and sometimes women get pregnant when this phenomenon happens, but some people don’t know what happens when a woman gets aroused. In addition to her clitoris getting hard and erect, a woman will also get wet. Couples who always use lubricants may be robbing themselves of a very pleasurable sensation. Getting wet from being aroused means you’re turned on. And this wetness, is a natural lubricant for fingers, hands, tongues, vegetables, hard penises, etc.

When a man cums, he shoots fluid filled with sperm. When a woman is aroused her clitoris becomes engorged (and doubles in size!) her vaginal walls get wet, enlarge and pulsate. Women can also shoot fluid, which is different than just being wet. Some people have expressed disbelief at the idea that women shoot, but this can be seen quite graphically in Annie Sprinkle’s “Sluts and Goddesses” video that shows a woman cumming and shooting while being aroused by two or three women, I forget how many exactly.

The penis has at least two functions (that I’m aware of) but the clitoris has only one. The clitoris’ only function is sexual arousal. And although women can experience vaginal orgasm (the G spot), it is inferior to the clitoris for some women. This is because the vagina has many functions and the clitoris has only one.

Perhaps this contributes to homophobia. Lesbians as sexual beings are feared and ridiculed because they don’t need penises to get off. Although some women may use sex toys with each other, as some straight couples do as well, it is a myth that lesbians need to use dildos (especially double dildos) because the dildo replaces the man.

We’ve all heard incredibly uninformed straight people say “What do women do?” Or, sometimes homophobic people will say, “Lesbians use dildos because they can’t get a man.” This is ridiculous. When it comes to sex, men are easy.

What sex aides do men use who supposedly can’t get a woman? What sex aides to gay male lovers use? A friend, whose father was laid off from a long-term job in the auto industry in Michigan, who now works in a “sex shop” once said that her father told her that more men than women buy the dildos.

Dildos have their place. My friend gave me my first one from her father’s shop. I named it Fred, because I didn’t know anyone with that name, but after a while, a crack developed in the base and then Fred would never work whether I had the batteries in or not. So I put him away. When I moved, Fred was put in the trash. I felt bad but Fred was very rigid. He wouldn’t bend and when he lost his vibrating capabilities, he lost his usefulness.

Of course, there are lots of sex toys that vibrate that are not phallic that both men and women can enjoy, since penetration is not necessary for women or mens’ pleasure, with or without a partner.

I’m no sex expert, but I know what I like. And like most women I enjoy my clitoris. According to one sex manual a recent TV survey showed that only 21 percent of men tested actually knew the whereabouts of the clitoris. At first I laughed when I read this but then I remembered the “sexual revolution” of the 60s and how the clitoris was finally getting a lot of attention. And then there was the German gynecologist, Ernest Grafenburg, who “discovered” the G-spot, so that men could feel secure again. But a lot of women were laughing at this “discovery.” To some, it was very old news indeed.

One interesting representation of the clitoris is the diagram of the vulva and vagina that is enclosed on tampon boxes. The diagram is there to help first-time users insert a tampon. The diagram identifies: the uterus, the vagina, the tampon and the “vaginal muscle”. All the necessary female parts, with the exception of the vulva including the clitoris, are identified. The clitoris isn’t there. I suppose one could argue that you don’t need to see the clitoris to insert a tampon, but the fact is, it is only in the U.S. that the clitoris is missing from this diagram.

The same brand, Tampex, which is sold in Canada, encloses a similar diagram and identifies female genitalia slightly differently. First, the clitoris is there! They also include the following: outer labia, inner labia, urinary opening, vaginal opening and anus, in addition to the clitoris, uterus, vagina and tampon. And, the diagram is in English and French.

Why is the clitoris missing in the United States? Why is the clitoris there in Canada? What could this mean?

Outside of the U.S. and Canada, Tampex encloses one diagram in seven languages abroad for the following countries: Great Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Israel. The diagram doesn’t identify any female genitalia by name but the drawing does show what a tampon looks like if you had X-ray vision and could watch a woman inserting a tampon into her vagina through the left side of her hip. The final drawing is there presumably to show what the completed process of inserting a tampon should look like: it is a drawing of a piece of string hanging from what is presumably the vulva: a single hairless line drawn between two spread legs.

Where is the clitoris? It is in the vulva. The vulva includes all the sexual and reproductive organs seen in the “crotch”. Even women can confuse vagina, only one internal organ with the whole external area. (The New Yorker published an article by Amy Bloom in its July 18, 1994 issue. In the article, “A Reporter At Large”, the author refers to the vulva mistakenly as a “vagina” in an in-depth piece on transsexual women who become men.

The vulva is one name for all the outer parts of our genitals. Vulva is mons, hood of clitoris, clitoris (including glans, shaft and crura), urinary opening, outer lips (labia majora), inner lips (labia minora), vestibule, bulbs of vestibule, vaginal opening, and perineum. The whole clitoris and vestibular bulbs are the only organs in the female body solely for sexual sensation and arousal.

Illustration (Female genitalia, the vulva)

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