United States: High school lesbians named “cutest couple”

United States: High school lesbians named “cutest couple”

Ammerman, Adrienne

Two young women at Crete-Monee High School in Illinois were voted the “cutest couple” by their classmates. At first, school officials did not know how to respond. They delayed publishing the names and photos of this “cutest couple” in the school yearbook. But after 60 students walked out to protest the delay in naming the award, and after the girls’ parents voiced their support of the “cutest couple” decision, school administrators decided to name the girls as “cutest couple” in the school yearbook.

Some parents have complained about this decision. Twelve adults even protested outside the school, talking about how the school’s decision is “poisoning society” and carrying signs that say that “Jesus wept” over the decision.

Jesus can cry all he wants, but the school officials ain’t backing down: in a letter affirming the school’s decision to support the lesbian couple, superintendent Roberta Berry wrote: “I am proud to say that while other schools continue to address issues such as alienation, bullying and hate crimes, we have a student body that not only accepts each others’ differences, but also celebrates them.”

-info from Southern Voice 12/30

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