Pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions

United States: pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions

Verma, Priya

Though only four states have legislation that allows pharmacists to refuse service based on moral and religious beliefs, ten states have allowed them to get away with rejecting birth control prescriptions.

While some pharmacists merely refused to fill the prescriptions, others will not recommend alternate pharmacies, and a few fanatics have gone so far as to refuse to return prescriptions for birth control to their rightful owners.

Alarmingly, most of these women are trying to obtain regular birth control pills or the “morning after pill”-both of which become ineffective if not taken according to schedule.

In addition, doctors in Wisconsin are legally allowed to refuse to perform abortions or sterilizations based on religious or moral opposition, and a new state law will expand their religious right to refuse.

-info from Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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