Girl to be flogged for sex with man

Sudan: girl to be flogged for sex with man

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A 15-year-old Sudan woman is at immediate risk of being flogged as punishment for having had illegal sexual intercourse with a 25-year-old businessman. According to Amnesty International, her last chance for appeal has failed.

The young woman, Mahasin Abaker Fadul, was 14 years old and nine months pregnant on May 17, 2003, when a court in Nyala, South Dafur, western Sudan, sentenced her to 100 lashes.

According to the Sudanese Penal Code, an individual can be convicted of illegal sexual intercourse on the testimonies of four witnesses; or if the person confesses to the charge; or, in the case of a woman, if she is unmarried and pregnant.

The businessman was charged in the case, and then acquitted after insufficient evidence was found against him.

Mahasin Abaker Fadul appealed against the sentence on the grounds that she was pregnant and could not undergo the harsh punishment. Her lawyer also objected that her age was not taken into account by the court.

On October 15, 2003, the court upheld her sentence and the woman has no other avenues of appeal. The Sudanese Penal Code is partly based on Islamic Law and allows for penalties such as flogging and amputations.

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