From the collective

from the collective

Special Issue: Women and Education – Part 2

This issue begins with coverage of the women’s action at the World Trade Organization meetings held in September in Cancun, Mexico. There is an article by Starhawk which gives a firsthand account of the action and article by an activist who talks about her experiences there.

In the second of our two-part series on Women and Education, we begin with a look at education of women in developing countries: in El Salvador, a writer asks whether educating girls serves to prepare them for work in maquilladoras; and in Benin the way girls are educated is questioned. Next there is an article about the construction of sexuality in a private catholic girls’s school and an article by a radical feminist second-grade school teacher. We turn back to international issues with articles about women’s studies classes in Hong Kong and an ancient women’s language in China. Another author lauds the successes of women’s studies programs in the United States in spite of their various shortcomings. Finally there is plea for more education in prison written by a women prisoner and a review of The Teenage Liberation Handbook, a guide for teenagers who want to quit school and self-educate.

On other topics, we bring you a do-it-yourself guide to putting on a women’s music festival and a review of Sisterhood is Forever. We also include a list of women’s bookstores-so be sure to support them whenever possible!

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Women and Work

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