Doctors promote “gender selection” services

United States: Doctors promote “gender selection” services

Medical clinics in the U.S. are promoting “gender selection” services to U.S. immigrants from India and South Asia. Sonic doctors-including a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the NYU School of Medicine–went so far as to advertise. their sex-selection services in magazines for Indian expatriates.

“It makes me scared when something like this happens,” said Dr. Shanita Das Dasgupta. founder of a counseling center for abused South Asian women. Dr. Das Dasgupta said that women are pressured and harassed by husbands demanding that their wives give birth to boys. Some women are abused by their husbands for giving birth to girls. But the doctors and companies that advertise gender selection services say they’re just trying to provide a service that people want. “The ethnic groups that are moving in … have a tradition of wanting boys,” said Dr. Andrew Silverman of the Ericsson Method Centers. And Kuldeep Verma, ownerof a sex determination company called Urobiologics. said he doesn’t need to know why his clients utilize his service. “It’s their decision,” he saidl

-info from New York Times, 8/15/01

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