Data dishing on H.S. career counseling

Data dishing on H.S. career counseling

What kind of career counseling do high schoolers receive? A recent survey of public high school counselors, conducted by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, answers that and other related questions.

The survey measured the availability and use of counseling programs and services in 2002, including those related to career planning. Nearly all high school counselors (98 percent) who responded to the survey reported that their schools offered individual counseling, with most (78 percent) of the juniors and seniors participating. Fewer high schools offered courses in career decisionmaking (57 percent).

The table shows some other widely offered career-counseling activities, the percentage of schools that offered them in 2002, and the percentage of juniors and seniors who participated in the activities if they were available.

The survey measured how the use of these activities varied by school size and demographics. Counseling priorities, counselors’ professional development, and the schools’ use of written plans and standards for their counseling programs also were recorded.

For a free copy of the “High School Guidance Counseling” report, which contains the survey results, cat[ the National Center for Education Statistics’ Fast Response System toll-free, 1 (877) 4-ED-PUBS (433 7827); write the center’s Institute of Education Sciences, 1990 K Street NW., Washington, DC 20006; or go online:

Percent of public Percent of juniors

high schools and seniors

Activity offering paticipating

Career tests 93% 56%

Vocationally oriented

presentations by speakers 87 44

Co-ops, internships, and

other exploratory programs 85 23

Jobsite visits 78 22

Job shadowing 74 17

Career days or nights 73 45

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