Core subjects and your career

Core subjects and your career

Students often wonder why they must study subjects that seem unrelated to their career goals. Why does a future engineer need to take English classes? How does math help an air traffic controller direct planes? When do chefs or cooks use science and technology in the kitchen?

The three articles that follow–“English and your career,” “Math and your career,” and “Science and your career”–explain the importance of these subjects in every student’s career preparation. For students with an interest or aptitude in a subject, the articles explain the link between that subject and a number of careers. Each article also describes how we use English, math, and science in everyday life and lists occupations requiring various levels of competence.

Of course, students should consult detailed references, such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook, in making their career decisions. But these articles may serve as reminders that a good foundation is essential for the framework that succeeds.

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