USEC agrees

USEC has signed agreements with Boeing Honcywcll International to support the manufacture of centrifuges for USEC’s American Centrifuge programme. The agreements extend through 2006.

Over the next two years, Boeing and Honeywell employees will work with USEC employees and personnel from Oak Ridge National Eaboratory at USEC’s Centrifuge Technology Center and K-1600 facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. During this period, centrifuge components will be manufactured, tested and assembled into full-size machines for the American Centrifuge programme. A substantial number of the parts will be manufactured and assembled in East Tennessee, with final assembly taking place in Piketon, Ohio.

USEC’s senior vice president, Ron Green, said Boeing and Honeywell have “considerable centrifuge experience through their involvement in the US Department of Energy’s original centrifuge programme. They offer strong support in building the machines for our American Centrifuge programme.” He added: “In 2006, we expect to enter into new agreements with Boeing and Honeywell to manufacture the thousands of additional machines needed for our programme.”

“Boeing is proud to partner with USEC by offering the expertise of Boeing employees and the unique centrifuge production capability at our Oak Ridge facility,” said John Frazier, site leader for the Boeing Oak Riclge facility. “Our experience building centrifuges in Tennessee dates to 1981, when a Boeing subsidiary built the Oak Ridge facility to provide gas centrifuge machines for the Department of Energy’s uranium enrichment programme.”

Roger Wolfe, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Engines, Systems & Services in the Airframe Systems division commented: “This is an excellent opportunity to utilise our previous centrifuge experience, which started in 1961, with our current expertise and manufacturing capabilities in high speed rotating machinery.”

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