Our Business is Food

Our Business is Food

Passaic County specializes in food production and food warehouse/distribution companies. Food companies generate annual sales of over $600,000,000 and the County continues to attract food manufacturers producing such products as flour, baked goods, condiments, frozen breads, pickles, gcfilte fish, wine, flour, pork and beef products, snack foods, and of course chocolate. We welcome the continued reinvestment and relocation of companies in the food industry into Passaic County. A sampling of major food production and distribution companies includes:

Bay State Milling Company

Founded in 1899, the Bay State Milling Company has grown to six flourmills throughout the United States. The only flourmill in New Jersey, Bay State is located in Clifton, and employs 50 in the manufacture of hard wheat flour (utilized in the baking of bread, rolls, bagels, and pizza crust) and whole wheat. 600,000 lbs of white flour and 180,000 lbs of wholewheat flour are produced each day at the Clifton plant. Bran, a by-product of the milling process, is sold to manufacturers of feed for livestock. The entire milling process is computerized and today Bay State Milling is still family owned and operated.

Kontos Foods, Inc.

Kontos Foods, Inc., is the premier baker of Hand Stretched Flatbread, producing over 24 varieties. The Kontos family has been baking quality ethnic products since the early 1940s. Today the manufacturing plant is located in Paterson, NJ, employing 75 in a new 60,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse/distribution facility. Kontos has expanded its product mix to include Mediterranean specialty food products. A new addition to the product line is “Smarcarb Pita,” a low-carbohydrate version of its famous flatbread.

Drake’s Bakery

Located in Wayne, Drake’s employs 300 in the manufacture of desserts and pastries. The company is owned by Interstate Brands producing a wide variety of desserts: Ring Dings, Yankee Doodles, Fruit Pies, Coffee Cakes, and of course Devil Dogs – which now comes in a “low fat” version.

Kari-Out Company

Founded in 1964, Kari-Out specializes in the manufacture of Chinese food condiments such as duck sauce, soy sauce and Chinese mustard. The company recently relocated its manufacturing from four sites in Westchester, NY to Totowa, NJ through the purchase of a 130,000 square foot facility. Employing 200, the company has initiated the construction of a 60,000 square foot warehouse addition.

Lotito Foods, Inc.

Lotito Foods, Inc. has grown from a family of small cheese makers to a large importer and processor of all types of hard aged cheese. Recently, the company expanded its manufacturing of specialty grated cheese products to a three-building complex in Paterson. Employing 30, the company sells a variety of cheese in their original form, and also customizes all types of cheese to meet customer specifications through grating, shredding, shaving, cubing, wedging, or blending.

Miami Onion Roll Company, Inc.

Miami Onion Roll, owned and operated by Harriet Davis, Donn Rossi and Mitchell Feingold, is located in a 13,500 square foot building in Paterson, NJ. Employing 50, the company manufactures a wide variety of Irozen food products including its famous onion rolls, egg knot rolls, challah breads, and black olive and cheddar cheese bread. They also specialize in the manufacture of Joyce’s Custom Hors D’oeuvres.

Corrado’s Family Affair

Corrado’s is truly a “family affair” with 7 members of the Corrado family still actively involved in the business. Founded over 40 years ago by James Corrado, today Corrados is located on a 35-acre campus in Clifton, NJ, employing 200, and offers a wide variety of fresh produce, specialty foods, a garden center and the only Wine Making Center- Corrados Wine Grapes, Inc. – in the State of New Jersey. The 100,000 square feet Making Center stocks over 1,000 products related to wine making – from grape juice to barrels, presses, and bottles. Corrados is so focused on its customers, that it sponsors an Annual Home Wine-Making Competition for its wine-makers.

A&B Famous Gefilte Fish

A&B Famous Gefilte was founded in 1977 with a commitment to process a 100 percent natural product, chemical and preservative free. Today, A&B has relocated from its original home in Monsey, NY to Paterson, NJ in a new state-of-the-art processing plant where 40 employees process and freeze gefilte fish. A&Bs fish is certified by the Orthodox Union and its products include both traditional gefilte fish and salmon gefilte. The company is the largest manufacturer of frozen gefilte fish worldwide, selling its product to supermarkets and specialty stores throughout the United States, Israel, Canada, Belgium, England, Switzerland, and Australia.

Wotiz Meat Company

For over 100 years, Wotiz has been the recognized name for quality meats in the NY/NJ metro area. Located in Passaic, NJ, the company is a fabricator and purveyor of prime, aged, city-dress beef since 1877, selling its product to famous steakhouses such as Peter Luger, River Palm and high-end catering establishments. Hugh Ross, President, has been with the company for over 35 years and prides himself on personal service and the Dry or Wet-aged Meat program. The company is designated as a USDA Approved Aging Establishment. Wotiz specializes in beef, veal, lamb and pork products.

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