Second Land Rush Begins For ‘Hot’ Dot-Info Domains

Second Land Rush Begins For ‘Hot’ Dot-Info Domains

Steven Bonisteel

Domain registry Afilias has signaled the start of another rush for what could be – literally – some of the hottest domain names still available within the new dot-info domain space.

Approximately 17,000 second-hand domains unveiled for a form of pre-booking Wednesday are apparently so attractive that their previous registrants had been willing to lie and cheat to get them when dot-info went live last year.

The addresses – including likely monikers ranging from to to – were all reclaimed from registrants who flouted the rules of a first dot- info land rush that was supposed to be open only to those with trademark-backed claims to the addresses.

Before dot-info opened to the public in October, it became clear that thousands of bogus registrations had been filed during an earlier sunrise registration period for trademark holders.

In response, Afilias assigned the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to mediate public challenges to registrations, then launched its own campaign to uncover spurious trademark claims among all of the more than 50,000 domains snapped up during the sunrise period.

Some 1,500 challenges were filed by consumers and businesses – some of them the legitimate trademark holders – through the public WIPO process.

Officially, dot-info registrars – the resellers of domain registrations – will be able to make their automated requests for any of the 17,000 domains sometime in June. However, registrars participating in what Afilias is calling Land Rush 2 are already establishing their own pre-booking queues for the addresses.

Under Aflias’s land-rush rules, its systems will accept requests for addresses one at a time in a round-robin queue of participating registrars. That means a registrar will be able to submit no more than one registration request – if it gets an opportunity at all – for each available domain.

The process encourages consumers or businesses keen on a particular domain to attempt to reserve the name at more than one registrar, but that can mean navigating a variety of registration agreements and pricing plans.

Afilias said it will begin processing the queue of names requested by the registrars in Land Rush 2 on July 2.

More information on the dot-info domains and registrars is available at the Afilias Web site: .

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