NewsPix Images For Newsbytes Publishers

NewsPix Images For Newsbytes Publishers

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S.A., 1997 JAN 22 (NB) — By Nick Gorski. This bulletin is usually posted on Monday. On Wednesday and Friday, updates are issued to reflect the daily picture additions. The updates in turn become part of the main NewsPix Bulletin. Due to the Martin Luther King holiday, the Monday Bulletin is being posted today.

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Week of JANUARY 20,1997

– NEW –

TETRIS970121 / b&w – Tetris Is Back, And Smaller Than Ever: the key chain version of Tetris.

WILDFIRE970121 / color – Wildfire Answers High-Tech Phone Calls: Bill Warner, CEO.

IDCARD970117 / color – Inaugural Committee Gets The Picture On ID Security: sample card.

MSOFFICENY970117-1 / color – Live From New York, It’s Office97!: Bill Gates with customers at a Manhatten CompUSA Thursday 1/16.



PODEUM970116 / b&w – Laptop Case Doubles As Portable Desk: student sitting against tree with secured laptop with Podeum system.

PDR2A970114 / color – Toshiba Enters Digital Camera Market: the PDR-2A digital camera as it docks into a laptop.

PROFICIA970109 / color – Camelot Intros New I-Net Phone Call Tools: the prototype of the Proficia, an Internet audio handset.

NCR970102 / b&w – NCR Regains Independence: new stock certificate.

SEAGATESING970113 / color – Take-over or disk drive firm still raising questions in Singapore: Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Seagate CEO Al Shugart, open Seagate’s new plant at Ang Mo Kio.

IPHONE970110 / color – Phone Offer Web With Graphics: CIDCO’s iPhone with graphics touchscreen.

OLYMPCD970109 / color – Olympus Launches New CD-R Drive: CD-R2X6.

MMXJ970109 / color – Japanese PC Makers Announce MMX Machines: pix of the Hitachi Flora ND2. MMXJ970109-1: a Toshiba model, pix not in yet.

OLYMO970108 / b&w – Networking Roundup – Olympus Cuts Optical Storage Prices: Olympus PowerMO 2600.

TOSH970108 / color – Toshiba Develops Smart Card With Public Key Encryption: the CZ-3017, the latest in Toshiba’s CZ-3000 line of smart cards.

ZAURUS970108 / color – Sharp Launches New Zaurus Model: the new zr-3500X.

MMXINTEL970108 / color – Intel Vice President Mike Aymar adds the MMX topper to the Intel swirl. MMXINTEL970108-1: wide shot of same.

MATSU970107 / color – Matsushita Develops LS-120 External Disk Drive: pix of the LS-120.

TOSH970107 / color – Toshiba’s New Libretto Is Smaller, More Powerful: pix of the Libretto 50.

HPLDPRO960106 / color – HP Intros Entry Level Server Family: NetServer LD Pro server.

PACKARDBELL19970103 / color – Packard Bell Ships $999 Full Multimedia Computer System: pix of the Packard Bell Platinum C115.

AMELIO961220 / b&w – Apple Acquires Next Software For $400 Million: pix of Gilbert Amelio. JOBS961220: b&w, pix of Steve Jobs.

SONYPLAY961219 / color – Sony Claims $1 Billion PlayStation Revenue: pix of playstation, JPEG IN.

SONY961216 / color – Sony Develops 650MB Enhanced Mini Disc: Sony’s MD Data Eata. THIS JPEG IN.

BOSCH961213 / color – Bosch Telecom’s Single Channel Videoconferencing System: Bosch Visitel PC 20.

BOSCH961212 / color – Bosch Telecom Unveils First Integrated DECT/Radio Technology: the DECT / D-On3 system in working environment.

MATSU961220 / color – Matsushita’s New Pinnochio Is A Phone And PDA: the Matsushita Personal Handyphone System (PHS) telephone.

MATSU961219 / color – New Flat Screen TFT Monitors From Matsushita: AL-D40TMPJ 14-inch color. MATSU961219-1: TX-D14L31J or PanaFlat LC40.

TEN961219 / color – TEN Speeds Internet Quake With DART: knights in combat! TEN961219-1: interface screen.

OPTIMUM961217 / color – Optimum Online Cable Service Debuts In New York: screen shot of service offered by Cablevision.

THOMAS961217 / color – Electronic Leash Finds Lost Kids At Malls, Theme Parks: Mom with kid and the THOMAS system from Touchscreen.

EXPLORER961210 / color – Time Warner Places 1mil Unit Set-Top Box Order: the Explorer 2000 set top box from Scientific Atlanta. It’s shown in an art directed ‘explorer’ context.

FRONTIER961212 / color – EF To Offer Sweden’s Viking Comms Range In UK: pix of Teles S0-16.3 ISDN PC card, low cost ISDN device with analog port sold by Electronic Frontier.

ZE961212 / color – Zenith Delivers First Of 3 Million Cable Boxes To Americast: the Zenith box, see ZE960822 for JPEG. (19970122)

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