New Zealand software monitors phone calls – Softel offers call monitoring for business

New Zealand software monitors phone calls – Softel offers call monitoring for business – product announcement

Sean McNamara

NEW ZEALAND SOFTWARE MONITORS PHONE CALLS 01/29/91 BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 1991 JAN 29 (NB) — Software developed by New Zealand company Softel is claimed by its world-wide distributor to be the answer to high personal phone call rates in business. Calldata Telephone Accounting Software will automatically monitor call destinations, duration and charges for companies, collating the information on a personal computer (PC) or network.

Calldata is distributed throughout the world (except New Zealand) by CSM International, and allows for the full accounting of phone calls. Handling up to 2,000 calls per hour (incoming and outgoing), the program can be used on normal or PABX systems of up to 2,000 extensions. Collection of data can be carried out exclusively on a computer, or as a background operation. Once the information is collected, reports on usage can be calculated, including: usage by extension or person; daily usage; international and toll calls; and departmental usage.

The main use for the program will be to cut “non-productive” (personal) calls, as well as allowing the easy costing of calls to clients and company departments. The software runs on any IBM- compatible PC or network, and the cost ranges from AUS$1,600, for fewer than 50 extensions, up to AUS$3,000. Mark Kirschberg, CSM International’s marketing manager, said that response Calldata has so far been “tremendous,” and that CSM thinks Calldata will be installed in every large corporation in Australia by 1995.

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