New for IBM: Vision’s VGA to VCR card

New for IBM: Vision’s VGA to VCR card – product announcement

NEW FOR IBM: Vision’s VGA to VCR Card FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 199O MAY 30 (NB) — Vision Technologies, a division of Everex Systems, has released the Vision VGA video graphics card, which records both standard and high-resolution VGA text and graphics on videotape.

Unlike other video graphic cards, Vision VGA lets the VGA monitor operate in non-interlaced mode while recording. Video output is further enhanced by an anti-flicker filter that the company says dramatically reduces the image flicker inherent in interlaced video screens.

Created for individuals involved in presentation graphics, desktop video, or animation, the card can output standard VGA, RGB component, Sync, S-VHS, and NTSC or PAL video simultaneously, providing the broadest possible range of video output from a VGA. Vision VGA runs on AT or compatible PCs. For more information, call 800/356-4283.

(Computer Currents/19900530)

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