Net Access Free In Korean Hotels During World Cup

Net Access Free In Korean Hotels During World Cup – Brief Article

Adam Creed

Thousands of Korean hotels and motels will provide visitors with high-speed Internet access free of charge during the upcoming World Cup soccer finals.

South Korea is co-hosting the 2002 World Cup, which begins at the end of May, with China.

A program announced by Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) will see 214 hotels and 3,000 motels and inns in ten host cities wired in time for the first kickoff.

State-run telecommunications carrier Korea Telecom is busy conducting technical preparations for the program, the ministry said in a statement.

Korea Telecom is installing asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) connections at each establishment. Participating hotels will provide free broadband Net access to guests until mid-July, the ministry said.

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