Nation’s Capitol Becoming Dot-Com Capitol – NSI

Nation’s Capitol Becoming Dot-Com Capitol – NSI – Industry Trend or Event

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Washington, DC, registered more .com, .org and .net Internet names per capita in February and April of this year than did any of the 50 states, Network Solutions said today.

In its April “Dot-Com Index” Network Solutions found that the nation’s capitol edged out the states of California, Washington and Colorado in terms of per capita registrations in the .com, .org and .net domains. Washington, DC, also topped the per capita registration list in February’s index.

“I guess it’s not shocking, given the activity we’ve seen around the (Potomac) river,” Network Solutions spokesperson Cheryl Regan told Newsbytes today. Regan credits the District’s growing high-tech industry, as well as the profusion of lobbying, advocacy and industry groups in the city with spurring the groundswell of registration activity.

The Washington, DC, local government has also recently taken steps to lure more technology businesses into the District.

The nation’s largest Internet registrar, Network Solutions earlier this year announced its plan to begin providing extensive research on Internet registration activities.

The numbers released today come as a part of the company’s growing push to be seen as the definitive source for research on Internet growth and development.

Network Solutions, which formerly held a government-sanctioned monopoly over the sale of names in the most popular .com, .org and .net domains, has often served as a lightning rod for attacks from consumer groups and would-be competitors.

Although Network Solutions’ .com monopoly was broken last year with the introduction of new competitive registrars, the company remains by far the largest seller of Internet addresses.

The Network Solutions statistics represent only the domain names Network Solutions sells in its role as a registrar, and not the total universe of .com names sold by all accredited registrars.

A more extensive collection of Network Solutions-generated statistics is available online at .

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