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This is a roundup of new and updated resources and services around Asia’s Internet including: Hong Kong collectors invited to Web page contest, Indian portal launches instant messaging app, Chinese art site to auction treasures, Thai Airways brings flight reservations online, Quicken launches Web presence in New Zealand, Pacific Internet unveils Chinese-language portal, New Zealand software site for both users & developers.

Hong Kong Collectors Invited To Web Page Contest

In an effort to encourage more people to design their own original home pages, Lycos Asia has announced the Tripod Asia “My Collectibles” Web page design contest. After registering at Tripod Asia Hong Kong, participants get a chance to win cash and other prizes. One winner will be selected every two weeks between July 1 and September 29. World Wide Web: .

Indian Portal Launches Instant Messaging App, an Indian portal site, will soon launch Rediff Bol, an instant messaging service available in English and four Indian languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu. To Indians “Bol” means “talk.” The service allows Indians in India and Indians worldwide to instantly communicate with their friends and families over the Internet. The service is integrated with the portal’s Rediffmail and Rediffsearch. World Wide Web: .

Chinese Art Site To Auction Treasures

The bilingual auction portal will hold an online auction later this month after a jadeite jewelry, watches, clocks and furniture auction last week. The auction on July 27 will have a theme of contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy. More than 100 pieces by renowned artists, including Deng Fen, Huang Binhong, Qi Baishi and Zhao Shaoang, will also go under the hammer in August. World Wide Web: .

Thai Airways Brings Flight Reservations Online

Thai Airways International has launched a new Web site featuring flight reservations for both domestic and international flights. Thai is also offering special airfares for those booking over the Internet. World Wide Web: .

Quicken Launches Web Presence In New Zealand

Quicken has launched its online financial management Web site in New Zealand. The site contains information about money management, finance news, data feeds and share trading on the New Zealand, Australian, Nasdaq, New York and AMEX exchanges. Other products and services to be added in the future will include mortgage and insurance broking, personal banking, investing in managed funds, and even financing a new car. World Wide Web: .

Pacific Internet Unveils Chinese-Language Portal

Pacific Internet’s has launched the Chinese-language version of its portal site simultaneously in Hong Kong and Singapore. Chinese includes eNews, eMoney, eLifestyle, eFood, eIT, eEntertainment and eHealth. World Wide Web: .

New Zealand Software Site For Both Users & Developers

Computer software entrepreneurs and software users can log on to Yippee to either promote or try software. Computer whizz kids, university students, programmers and software developers can experiment with MP3, games, utilities, and developer programs and then upload their own software for it to be reviewed. If the software is acceptable then it is put on the site with worldwide exposure. Internet users can also access 4,000 free downloadable programs. World Wide Web: .

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