Internet Update

Internet Update

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This is a roundup of new and updated resources and services on the global Internet including: Mick Would Be Pleased To Meet You Online, International Emmys Recognize The World’s TV Shows, Highlights Of Leonids 2001, Eureka! Inventors Congregate In Brussels.

Mick Would Be Pleased To Meet You Online

Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger is one celebrity who has his own Web site – has been re-launched this week. The revamp has been timed to coincide with the release of his new solo album “Goddess in the Doorway.” Jagger says the site has all the usual fan stuff, but adds, “I wanted to … also try something a little different — some interactive art pieces that combine music, technology, and user interaction.” So the retouched site contains a preview jukebox featuring clips from the album; a full-length streamed video; lyrics from the new album plus audio of Mick talking about the new songs track by track; and other video clips, a photo gallery, filmography, Mick’s bookmarks, and interactive Flash videos. World Wide Web: .

International Emmys Recognize The World’s TV Shows

The International Emmy Awards honor excellence in global television programming, showcasing foreign TV shows that are doing the business in their homelands and giving American networks the chance to pick them up for domestic showing. Winners have included the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. The awards are handed down in various categories: Arts Documentary, Drama, Documentary, Performing Arts, Children and Young People, Popular Arts and News & Events Coverage. This year’s awards were webcast live Monday night. World Wide Web: .

Highlights Of Leonids 2001

The Leonid meteor shower takes place every November as the Earth passes through the trail of a comet. As many as 1,000 shooting stars per hour were reported by astronomers this year, and the celestial show delighted observers from Colorado to China and Australia. has already compiled a Leonid photo gallery from this year’s event, as well as uploading video clips of fireballs taken by Internet users, a time-lapse video, and has made available chat rooms to discuss the best moments of this show of nature. World Wide Web: .

Eureka! Inventors Congregate In Brussels

The 50th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies (known also as Brussels Eureka) is taking place at Brussels Expo right now. The expo brings together over 800 exhibitors (including the King of Thailand) of new products and ideas and over 100,000 attendees from around the world. Through this Web site you can also access information about all the inventions shown at Brussels Eureka, although you’ll have to make do with last year’s products until this year’s ideas are uploaded at the close of the festival. World Wide Web: .

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