An augury, in leaving

An augury, in leaving

Bertolucci, Atillio

The sky is dark-blue and gray but the sun, which has hidden, in setting changes gray to pink, dark to pale blue, and I flee, weeping, I flee from you.

It’s that precious time of year when the days grow longer, and you, slowly walking taken into the twilight that touches and fatigues, you distance yourselves from me.

Let this hour be favorable for you, o woman, o child: the sky that darkens, revealing a flame brightly trembling here and there, announces good weather, tomorrow.

Take this humble wish … And let the son be the first to lift his gaze, be astonished by the night’s clarity, and tell his mother of it: thus love lives, and endures.

ATTILIO BERTOLUCCI (1911-2000), the father of renowned film directors Bernardo and Giuseppe, is considered one of Italy’s greatest twentieth-century poets. The author of several volumes of poetry, he was also a prolific translator, essayist, and editor. A recipient of the prestigious Viareggio and Montale prizes, Bertolucci was also honored by the Accademia dei Lincei.

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