Nicotinic Receptors in the Nervous System

Nicotinic Receptors in the Nervous System

Agner, Celso

Nicotinic Receptors in the Nervous System Editor: Edward D. Levin Publisher: CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 289 pp, 2002 ISBN: 0-8493-2386-X

Understanding of mechanisms of neurological diseases suggests that nicotinic receptors are deeply involved in the processing of information and possibly modulation of progression of dementia and other conditions.

The main purpose of this book is to present, in a concise fashion, research methods that constitute the forefront in neuroscience research. Multiple authors contribute four sections and 15 chapters in this book. The sections are divided in order to provide a comprehensive view of the pharmacology, animal models, and treatment strategies. The last section is an overview and integration of the previous sections and promotes a comprehensive understanding of the pssible mechanisms of central nervous system disease. It is a comprehensive overview of the current concepts in the field and future applications of nicotine for the management of clinical conditions. The references are appropriate, the pictures opportune, and the book is a pleasant read.

This is an important acquisition for neuroscience and neurology libraries, due to the current direct applications of the concepts provided for the understanding and treatment of neurological diseases such as dementia and stroke.

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