Neurophysiology. Fourth Edition

Neurophysiology. Fourth Edition

Perez-Arjona, Eimir

Neurophysiology. Fourth Edition

Author: R.H.S. Carpenter

Publisher: Arnold. A member of the Hodder Headline Group, London, pp. 466, 2003

ISBN: 0340808721

This fourth edition of Neurophysiology covers the entire range of physiological events occurring in the brain as well as in the peripheral nervous system. This edition, however, gives particular attention to concepts related to functional neuroanatomy.

The book is organized in four parts: Neural mechanisms, Sensory functions, Motor functions, and Higher functions. Illustrations, diagrams, and photographs fully illustrate this textbook and help with the understanding of historical contributions to the field, physiological events and cerebral anatomy. By reading this book, understanding of those mechanisms controlling sensory functions, motor function, memory, and control of behavior may significantly improve the curious reader’s knowledge in the field.

We recommend this reading to medical students, neuroscience students, neurologists, neurophysiologists, and neurological surgeons with interest in functional neurosurgery

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