RADM Stone graduates 1st Battalion – From the Schoolhouse

RADM Stone graduates 1st Battalion – From the Schoolhouse – Brief Article

RADM Daniel H. Stone, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance-Pacific Fleet, was the guest of honor and guest speaker at the graduation ceremony for the students of the First Battalion Basic Qualification Course on April 5th. In all, 63 students were certified “Ready for Sea” and headed to their initial tours.

ENS Douglas Jenkins took highest honors as the Battalion Honor Graduate and American Logistics Association Award winner. LTJG Frederick Crawford earned the Navy Supply Corps Association Leadership Award. ENS Lana Cella was awarded both the Navy Exchange Service Command Award and Defense Finance and Accounting Service Award. CWO2 Robert Winn was the Navy Food Service Excellence Award winner.

As part of the ceremony, the graduating students of 1st Battalion recognized LT Xavier Lugo as the instructor of the battalion. ENS Cella, representing 1st Battalion, presented Lugo with a plaque for his efforts and dedication to their educational and professional development.

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