NEXCOM supports troops in operation Iraqi freedom – Around NAVSUP

NEXCOM supports troops in operation Iraqi freedom – Around NAVSUP – Brief Article

In order to show support for our men and women in the military, Navy Exchange Service Command has a number of programs to support both the military and their families.

At the Naval Hospitals in Rota and Bethesda that are taking care of the wounded, a system was put in place to respond to requests for uniforms for the wounded within 48 hours of receipt of request.

President Bush visited our war-wounded service members at the Bethesda Naval Hospital on April 11 and NEX Bethesda provided haircuts for all the service members.

Also at NEX Rota, Sight and Sound manager Liz Dennis has helped organize a campaign to provide wounded troops with the toiletries and clothing they need. She sent an e-mail to her friends and family listing the items that the troops needed, and then those people turned around and sent that email to their friends and family. The process grew from there and became “Operation Rota Comfort.”

Donation sites have been strategically located throughout the Naval Station where items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, washcloths, deodorant, lip balm, toiletry bags, chewing gum, phone cards, shower shoes, new socks and underwear, and T-shirts are collected.

Many Navy Exchange locations have put up yellow ribbons for our troops. Participating locations include NEX North Island, NEX Meridian and NEX Everett.

NEXCOM’s Uniform Program Management Office has a twist on the yellow ribbon program. They have put their Christmas tree back up and decorated it with yellow ribbons representing each member of the command that is forward deployed, including other services. They’re calling it the “We Support Our Troops” tree.

The idea came from Mary Anne Olsen, a customer service representative at UPMO. She had visited Portsmouth Naval Hospital and seen that they had put their tree back up and decorated it with ribbons. Olsen thought it would a great way for UPMO to show its support for its customers as well.

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