Navy Supply Corps Foundation Scholarships awarded

Navy Supply Corps Foundation Scholarships awarded

Jack L. Evans

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF) Scholarships for the 2003-2004 academic year. This year the foundation awarded 50 scholarships.

Awarded were one four-year $10,000 Chief of Supply Corps’ Officer Development Scholarship, five one-year $5,000 scholarships, nine one-year $2,500 scholarships, 27 one-year $1,000 scholarships, three $10,000 scholarships (four-year scholarships carried forward from 2002) four $4,000 scholarships (four-year scholarship carried forward from 2002), and one $2,500 scholarship (four-year scholarship carried forward from 2002). Since 1971, the foundation has awarded 1,408 scholarships valued in excess of $2,449,000.

CAPT Doug Chin, SC, USNR (Ret.) served as President of the Selection Board and was very ably assisted by CAPT Sharon Redpath, SC, USNR (Reserve representative); LCDR Mark Pimpo, SC, USN (active duty representative); Brenda Brumfield (Spouses’ Club representative); and SKCS (SW) Peter Mauer, USN (senior enlisted representative). The recorders were CDR Jack Evans, SC, USN (Ret.) (NSCF Executive Director) and LCDR CliffShearer, SC, USN (NSCF Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer).

The selection board carefully screened 107 applications during the two-day board. Applicants were ranked on scholastic ability, character, leadership, and financial need.

There were 42 new scholarship recipients selected from 107 fully qualified applicants. Of the 42 recipients selected this year, 21 are currently attending college and 21 will be entering college or university for the first time. There were 27 females and 15 males selected with 79 percent (33) being from the officer community, 21 percent (9) selected from the enlisted community.

Navy Supply Corps Officer Spouses Clubs were again major contributors to the scholarship program, sponsoring $8,500 in scholarships this year. Since 1971, the Navy Supply Corps Spouses Clubs Worldwide have raised more than $516,000 for the scholarship program. A total of 325 scholarships have been awarded through their dedicated fundraising efforts. The foundation extends its most sincere appreciation to the individual clubs involved for their superb support of the entire supply community.

Next year’s applications are due to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, 1425 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30606-2205, no later than April 10, 2004. Applications will be available for download from our web site at after January 10, 2004. Congratulations to the following winners for the 2003-2004 academic year:

Rainfredo S. Bautista

LCDR Arthur A. Briggs, SC, USN (Ret.) Memorial Scholaship

Virginia Beach, Va.

Lania E. Bonk

Philadelphia Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Lancaster, Pa.

Lisa M. Caughey

Philadelphia Military Spouses Club Scholarship

Forest Hill, Md.

Kimberly A. Caughey

Washington Area Navy Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Forest Hill, Md.

Brian Chojnowski

RADM Bernard S. Browning, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Whitehall, Ohio

Aileen Della Cruz

Sanford R. Robertson Distinguished Alumni Scholarship

Millington, Tenn.

William J. Curran

CDR Norman A. Maier, SC, USNR (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Niskayuna, N.Y.

Roseanne T. DePaoli

Greater Chicago Area Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Sheboygan, Wis.

Marie S. Din

Madelyne V. Trione Memorial Scholarship

Rialto, Calif.

Meghan A. Funk

RADM and Mrs. Donald G St. Angelo, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Springfield, Va.

Maija K Garnaas

RADM Frank J. Allston, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Alexandria, Va.

Melissa Gordon

LCDR Clyde E. Tudor, SC, USN (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Gulf Breeze, Fla.

Anderson R. Gormly

CAPT Walter Douglas, SC, USNR (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Atlantic Beach, Fla.

Meredith E. Henry

Harvard World War II Mid-Off Group Scholarship

Milford, Pa.Daniel J. Hickman

CAPT Thomas B. Hagen, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Herndon, Va.

Michelle Jamrisko

Josephine Wenzel Memorial Scholarship

Montclair, Va.

Elizabeth Karnas

CAPT Richard A. Harrison, SC, USNR (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Burlington Twp, N.J.

Stefanie E. Lake

Monterey Navy Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Virginia Beach, Va.

Dana L. Lilli

Chief of Supply Corps’ Officer Development Scholarship

Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Susan McCarthy

Sanford R. Robertson Distinguished Alumni Scholarship

Reading, Pa.

Mary K. McCarthy

CAPT Ernest A. Roemer, SC, USNR (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Reading, Pa.

Raymond P. McPadden

RADM and Mrs. G C. Sullivan, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Corpus Christi, Texas

Daniel V. McPadden

Southwest Chapter Navy Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Corpus Christi, Texas

Ruth E. Moyle

RADM Donald E. Wilson, SC, USN (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Lexington Park, Md.

Iris A. Nelson

Madelyne V. Trione Memorial Scholarship

Bonanza, Oregon

Neal A. Ortiguerra

San Diego Supply Corps Association Scholarship

San Diego, Calif.

Deborah K. Osborn

Hawaii Navy Supply Corps Officers Spouses Club Scholarship

Reno, Nev.

Benito O Perez

Mechanicsburg Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Great Mills, Md.

Thomas C. Powden

CAPT Thomas C. Underwood, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Groton, Conn.

John M. Prendergast

CDR John C. Whitehead SC, USNR (Ret.) Distinguished Alumni Scholarship

Jacksonville, Fla.

Jennifer A. Roskowski

San Diego Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Midlothian, Va.

Barney M. Santiago

Navy Officers Spouses Club of Japan Scholarship

Oak Harbor, Wash.

Cindy M. Sendaydiego

Navy Supply Corps Association of Japan Scholarship

Oak Harbor, Wash.

James T. Styron

CAPT and Mrs. Richard P. Pawson, SC, USN (Ret.) Scholarship

Chesapeake, Va.

Kelly Sullivan

Northeast Georgia Supply Corps Association Scholarship

Midlothian, Va.

Neil G. Swanson

CAPT Leonard J. Sapera, SC, USN (Ret.) Scholarship

Virginia Beach, Va.

Christina Swanson

CAPT Jackson L. Schultz, SC, USN (Ret.) Distinguished Alumni Scholarship

Virginia Beach, Va.

Amber R. Teare

Navy’ Officers Spouses Club, Athens, Ga. Scholarship

Duluth, Ga.

Joanne C. Tisak

RADM Daniel W. McKinnon, Jr., SC, USN (Ret.) Scholarship

Great Mills, Md.

Amy L. Volkman

RADM Frank J. Allston, SC, USNR (Ret.) Scholarship

Norfolk, Va.

Anna L. Young

VADM Kenneth R. Wheeler, SC, USN

(Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

Burke, Va.

Commander Jack L. Evans, SC, USN (Ret.), Executive Director, Navy Supply Corps Foundation

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