Navy Supply Chief visits Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Logistics and Support Unit: NSWG 2’s link to the Navy Supply Community

Navy Supply Chief visits Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Logistics and Support Unit: NSWG 2’s link to the Navy Supply Community – Justin D. McCarthy

Forrest Baumhover

Chief of the Supply Corps RADM Justin D. McCarthy visited the recently commissioned Naval Special Warfare Group 2, Logistics and Support Unit, commonly known as LOGSU 2, at Little Creek, Va.

LOGSU 2 was formed approximately one year ago during a major reorganization of Naval Special Warfare Group 2 (NSWG 2), resulting in the consolidation of its support infrastructure.

During his visit, RADM McCarthy was able to tour the supply operation, which coordinates the logistics needs for all SEAL Teams on the East Coast, as well as Naval Special Warfare Units 2, 4, and 10, located in Stuttgart, Germany, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, and Rota, Spain, respectively.

They also went to the SEAL Team Compound, where the Chief talked to the storekeepers who run the Supply Department. The visit culminated in an office call with the NSWG 2 Commodore, CAPT David B. Morrison.

During his visit, RADM McCarthy was able to tour the NAB Little Creek Rifle Range with LOGSU 2’s Commanding Officer CDR Steve Gill. The Chief shot a variety of modern weapons used by Navy SEALs, including the MP-5 submachine gun.

Although its name would suggest otherwise, LOGSU 2 actually contains more than just a supply department. With civilians, officers, and enlisted personnel from all communities, from SEALs to Seabees, from storekeepers, personnelmen, and yeomen to aircrew survival equipment-men, gunners mates, and enginemen, LOGSU 2 contains just about every Navy specialty needed to keep up with the fastpaced demand of its SEAL customers. Here is a breakdown of LOGSU 2’s eight departments and their roles:

* Administration: The Administrative department provides administrative, legal, pay and personnel support to more than 230 command personnel. Additionally, they provide information in the area of educational services, rights and benefits and manage the command military manpower and postal services.

* Supply: The LOGSU 2 Supply Department consists of two divisions, Supply Support and Stock Control, which are composed of three officers, 14 enlisted personnel, and seven civilians who provide logistics support for NSWG 2, as well as the SEAL Teams. The Supply Support Division administers the NSWG-2 purchase card program, provides contracting services for all NSWG 2 components, and acts as a liaison with the NSWG 2 comptroller’s staff. The Stock Control Division controls material issues and warehousing requirements for NSWG 2.

* Combat Service Support Team: The Combat Services Support Team is responsible for the construction and operation of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and coordination of forward logistics. The CSST Department keeps its skills sharp by supporting exercises, theater operations, and SEAL Training evolutions. Combined with their Reserve component, Det. 309, CSST can also provide perimeter defense and chemical, biological, and radiological decontamination capabilities.

* Combat Systems: Comprised of Diving Operations, Air Operations, Ordnance, 3-M, and Engineering divisions, who maintain and issue all SEAL operating equipment. Combat Systems fulfills requests for operational support, equipment, training, or other support services as required by the SEAL Teams. Such services include technical support on deployments, waterborne craft to support local operations, point-to-point transportation, and training support.

* Facilities: The Facilities Department is responsible for all matters pertaining to NSWG-2 Facilities Management, including programming and planning for Military Construction, special projects, and daily and recurring maintenance of facilities, including ranges.

* Medical: The Medical Department provides medical care for all NSWG 2 personnel. In addition to performing sick call and records maintenance for NSWG 2, the Medical Department has a Rehabilitation Division, independent duty corpsmen, and diving medical officers to provide for the special needs of the Naval Special Warfare community.

* Communications: The LOGSU 2 Communications Department consists of two divisions, the Mobile Communications Team (MCT) and the Communications Maintenance Support Division (CMSD). The Communications Department provides operational communications support for Naval Special Warfare Task Groups and Task Units, and provide communications equipment maintenance and issue for SEAL Teams 2, 4, 8, and 10.

Additionally, the Communications Department is responsible for organizing, training and integrating new equipment and developing tactics to provide the highest quality Naval Special Warfare communications operations and maintenance support available.

* Operations: Operations manages all logistical and equipment requests tasked to LOGSU 2. It is responsible for the training program, which qualifies technicians in various skills to support Naval Special Warfare training, exercises and missions.

LTJG Forrest Baumhover reported to LOGSU 2 in July 2002. He previously served on USS Enterprise (CVN 65) as Assistant Stock Control Officer, Sales Officer, and Wardroom Officer.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Forrest Baumhover, SC, USNR Supply Support Officer, Logistics and Support Unit, Naval Special Warfare Group 2

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