Navy Reserve Supply Corps returns to Athens for 2004 workshop

Navy Reserve Supply Corps returns to Athens for 2004 workshop

Stephen P. Ferris

The Navy Reserve Supply community returned to its roots in Athens, Ga., for its annual workshop June 4-5, 2004. The choice of Georgia as the site of the workshop also corresponded to the 50th anniversary of the Navy Supply Corps School’s relocation to Athens.

The workshop brought over 600 Reserve and active duty Supply Corps officers and enlisted personnel, DoD civilians, and officers from the other services to the Classic Center in downtown Athens, Ga. The workshop provided a useful forum to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in naval and military logistics.

The flag sponsor for the event, RADM Tom Andrews and his cochairs, CAPT Steve Ethridge and CAPT Tom Welke chose as this year’s theme, “Bringing Home Change: Transformation and Relevancy for the Supply Reserve Force.”

RADM Andrews intended for the workshop to focus on how the Navy Reserve supply organization will change in response to the growing integration of active duty and Reserve naval forces. Andrews noted that the increased reliance by the DoD on Reserve components forces all services to more completely integrate their active duty and Reserve capabilities. Indeed, a special effort was made to invite to the workshop a number of active duty officers who deal with Reserve personnel and issues on a continual basis.

The workshop examined military transformation from the perspective of the DoD, the armed services, especially the Navy, and the customer. This emphasis was also reflected in the spectrum of perspectives and experiences of the many speakers addressing the workshop.

The theme of logistics transformation and its impact on Supply Corps initiatives was developed in Saturday morning remarks by Tom Hall, assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. Other notable speakers on Saturday included Army Maj. Gen. Pair of the U.S. Transportation Command and RADM Howard “Pat” Dawson of the Defense Logistics Agency.

Navy Reserve admirals, Tom Andrews, Pat Dawson, Jim McGarrah, Ryland Percy, and Chuck Williams and RDML Bill Kowba, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers, then held break-out sessions regarding career paths available to Supply Corps officers.

CNOCM Daniel K. Warner, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Supply Community, addressed issues in the enlisted community while the officers attended the breakout sessions of their choice.

Saturday concluded with a BBQ on Royer Square of the Navy Supply Corps School. bringing back numerous memories of BQC for the workshop attendees.

On Sunday morning, the workshop heard from RADM Justin D. McCarthy. Chief of the Supply Corps, VADM Keith W. Lippert, Commander of the Defense Logistics Agency, and VADM John G. Cotton, Commander, Navy Reserve Force. The workshop concluded with flag presentations to the newest Reserve Supply Corps admirals: RDML Henry B. Tomlin III and RDML Sharon H. Redpath.

Workshop attendees were highly satisfied with the issues raised and the high quality of the speakers. A number of officers commented on the attractive mix of a highly informative program coupled with the nostalgia of Athens.

The 2005 workshop will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is sponsored by RDML Tomlin. This was the scheduled site for the 2003 workshop which was cancelled due to the operational demands resulting from the war in Iraq. The Naval Reserve supply community looks forward to this upcoming workshop and the chance to go west.

Commander Stephen P. Ferris, SC, USNR Operations Officer, Navy Supply Support Battalion 1

CDR Steve Ferris ‘previous Reserve assignments include Commander Naval Forces Korea, Cargo Handling Battalion 13, U.S. Transportation Command, and Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He is currently a member of the class of 2005 of the U.S. Army War College’s Distant Education Program.

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