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Jim Smith

NKO is a key component of the Naval Education and Training Command’s integrated delivery system for lifelong learning initiatives, personal development and knowledge management. A dynamic, broad based delivery system, NKO is designed to support the growth and development of all Sailors.

Starting at accession and carrying throughout their entire Navy careers, Sailors will now have instant access to the NKO Web site, connecting them with the information, expertise and opportunities required to support their professional and personal development.

Sailors utilizing NKO can engage in real time collaboration with peers, mentors and subject matter experts around the world.

NKO will provide Sailors a single access point to all their professional and personal development milestones and the training and education resources that support their success.

To learn more about the Navy’s Revolution in Training, visit Navy Knowledge Online, the portal to Navy education and learning at

Prior to closing I’d like to solicit your continued support ensuring the word reaches all Supply personnel concerning the Supply Enlisted Road Show. I would encourage all to attend the briefing when in your area. If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Supply Enlisted Manning

As of February 2003

Rate Inventory Billets Authorized % Manned

DK 1883 1713 110

MS 8635 8802 98

MS(SS) 1062 1072 99

PC 913 928 98

SH 3193 2962 108

SK 9550 9582 100

SK(SS) 620 547 113

Supply Enlisted Super Stars

Outstanding Military Volunteer Service Medal

SH1 (SW) Robert D. Wilson

Letter of Appreciation

SHC (SW) Malari

USS Rainer (AOE 7)

2002 Bluejacket of the Year

AKAN (AW/SW) Michelle Grasso

USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)

2002 Junior Sailor of the Year

SK2 Maria Delgado

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego

MS2 (SS) Paul D. Murgola

USS Florida (Gold) (SSGN 728) (Gold)

SK3 (SW) Chad Cooper, USN

USS Thach (FFG 43)

MS2 (SS) Paul Murgola

USS Florida (SSGN 728) (Gold)

2002 Sailor of the Year

SK1 (SW) Grant Strawmyer

Naval Supply Systems Command/

FISC San Diego

SK1 (SW) Willie Harvey

FISC Jacksonville

SK1 (SW) Joan Reeder

Fitting Out and Supply Support Assistance Center

SH1 (SW/AW) Stephen Boyd

Navy Exchange Services Command

SK1 (SW) James McDermott

FISC Norfolk

GM1 (SW) Shawn Baker

Naval Ammunition Logistics Center 2002

SK1 (SW) James Shear

FISC Pearl Harbor

SH1 (SW/AW) Rogelio Mateo

FISC Yokosuka

Command Advancement

MS1(SS) Christopher Boling

MS2(SS) Paul Murgola

SK3(SS) Matthew Jull

Sailor of the Quarter

October-December 2002

SK1 (SW) Edward Hertel

FISC San Diego

Junior Sailor of the Quarter

October-December 2002

SK2 David Momberg

FISC San Diego

CNOCM (SW) Jim Smith

Master Chief Petty Officer

of the Supply Community

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