Navy and FranklinCovey partner to bring personal development and leadership solutions to sailors – News You Can Use

Navy and FranklinCovey partner to bring personal development and leadership solutions to sailors – News You Can Use – Brief Article

By JO2 Jd Walter, Task Force EXCEL Public Affairs Office

TASK FORCE EXCEL WASHINGTON, D.C. — The fleet and Task Force for Excellence through Commitment to Education and Learning (EXCEL) are getting a unique opportunity to partner with FranklinCovey to provide the latest, best-in-class educational opportunities and tools to satisfy the Navy’s credentialing process.

“Once again the fleet and Task Force EXCEL are adopting and adapting the best of the best from private industry so that our Sailors have the tools and opportunities to excel,” said RADM Harry Ulrich, Director of Task Force EXCEL.

By engaging private industry and academic leaders, the Navy gets a firsthand look at how the most successful companies in America train and educate their employees. Additionally, the Navy can compare proficiency standards and development opportunities of industry and academia with its own and identify areas requiring enhancement.

“We are excited to advance our work with the Navy and greatly appreciate this opportunity to work together to develop the best tools and opportunities,” said Frank Gavin, vice president of government programs at FranklinCovey. “The Navy is committed to ensuring Sailors get every chance to grow and develop both professionally and personally.”

The Revolution in Training is designed to provide greater opportunities to Sailors, while giving them the most up-to-date training and tools available to ensure their success. The first step, however, is identifying the proficiencies required of Sailors to meet the Navy’s overall mission requirements. This is where the training industry has typically played a role in the revolution, by creating professional and personal continuums based on industry standards, the Navy is able to develop educational opportunities that satisfy industry’s credentialing process, giving Sailors the same certifications and professional awards as their industry counterparts.

“We are making Sailors employable, not simply employed,” said Ulrich. “Our relationship with industry is crucial to the success of the revolution. FranklinCovey, as recognized leadership experts, provide us the opportunity to create the best Personal Development program possible, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with them and tap into their store of knowledge.”

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