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Jd Walter

LITTLE CREEK, Va. — Are you a front line leader? A soon to be department head? Are you striving to become one? To be the very best, and stay on top of the game takes constant improvement. What areas do you need to improve on? Coaching? Project planning? Managing a budget? To enhance your leadership potential check out Manage Mentor PLUS on the Center for Naval Leadership’s (CNL) Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) page.

CNL recently introduced Manage Mentor PLUS to Sailors via NKO, having partnered with Harvard Business School Publishing to develop the customized learning resource. The online resource consists of 33 modules of development, created to increase individual leadership proficiencies. Each module is designed so officers or enlisted personnel need only access those modules or portions of modules appropriate to their immediate needs.

“This product is a prime example of the best in business resources the Navy is tapping into to give Sailors the tools and opportunities to achieve excellence,” said BMC (SW) Timothy Tessier of CNL’s Knowledge Management Directorate. “By leveraging the tools of industry and academia, the Navy is infusing professional and personal development programs with the best resources available. Resources that have been tested and proven within industry.”

Manage Mentor PLUS has the potential to be integrated into the Navy Leader Competency Model as the content evolves through continued feedback and evaluation. These resources will allow Sailors to assess their competencies and then select only the training segments that address the areas they need to work on.

“We want to develop a series of resources that allow Sailors to specialize their leadership training based on their current needs, when they need it” said Tessier. “If a Sailor has strong interpersonal communication skills, but needs to spend more time on coaching techniques, they should not have to waste their time on something they already know.”

To explore Manage Mentor PLUS, or to learn more about the Center for Naval Leadership and the Navy’s Revolution in Training visit https://www.nko.navy.mil.

JO1 Jd Walter, Naval Personnel Development Command Public Affairs

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