DON eBusiness Operations Office announces first round of 2002 pilot projects – News You Can Use

DON eBusiness Operations Office announces first round of 2002 pilot projects – News You Can Use – Brief Article

The Department of the Navy (DON) eBusiness Operations Office is funding an initial group of seven eBusiness pilot projects for fiscal year 2002.

The initial seven pilot projects include “Navy Headquarters Web Readiness Display,” for the Chief of Naval Operations; “Unit Level Performance and Readiness Prototype Web site,” for the Naval Warfare Assessment Station, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Division; “Integrated Technical Data Center,” for the NSWC, Crane Division; “e-Facilities Support Services,” for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Headquarters, Washington, D.C.; “Naval Construction Forces Table Of Allowances Replenishment,” for the Naval Construction Battalion Command, Port Hueneme, Calif.; “Automated Data Capture System,” for the Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Aviation Depot, North Island, Calif.; and “e-Performance Based Logistics,” for the Naval Inventory Control Point, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

The underlying technologies to be demonstrated include Web-based decision-support tools, single data entry, Web-based readiness metrics displays, wireless Personal Digital Assistant technology, Internet-based global trading exchange, online ordering, wireless pen-tablet computing, and more.

The Pilot Funding and Project Management Group of the DON eBusiness Operations Office employs a rapid prototyping approach to eBusiness projects proposed and executed by DON commands. Projects are short term (90-120 days) and relatively low cost (under $1 million). Pilot proposals are carefully selected and weighted. The criteria used to rank projects include impact on fleet readiness, quality of life, and quality of work life. Other considerations include exportability, scalability; breadth of Departmental applicability and transportability; as well as proposed technology.

“The opportunity to prove concepts once and share the information across the Department is the overall returned value of this pilot effort,” Karen Gadbois, Director of the DON eBusiness Operations Office Pilot Finding and Management Group, said. “There is also tremendous potential to reduce duplication of efforts across the Department through fostering collaboration.”

The eBusiness Operations Office continues to encourage new pilot project sub-missions.

Submissions are completed online. The submission and evaluation process is ongoing. Projects are reviewed as they are submitted against the set of criteria for possible funding. For details on the evaluation criteria and requirements for pilot execution visit the DON eBusiness Operations Office Web site at

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