DoD EMALL is one-stop support for the war fighter – News You Can Use

DoD EMALL is one-stop support for the war fighter – News You Can Use – Brief Article

The DoD EMALL is a single entry point for buyers to find and acquire commercial off-the-shelf goods from suppliers and government sources. What’s more, the DoD EMALL is an option for purchasers to obtain supplies, parts, and commercial IT products using the purchase card.

The DoD EMALL has more than 12 million consumable items available and more items are being added continuously. Users can access DoD EMALL through One Touch Support (OTS) using a single sign on.

The DoD EMALL fully supports Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) programs, and identifies goods from mandatory sources. Customers can also identify qualified environmentally friendly items, and certified NSN equivalent items.

DoD EMALL features a wide range of functions including an advanced search capability, express shopping lists, saved shopping carts, payment options, and national and regional catalogs. On-Demand Manufacturing is a new DoD EMALL feature that allows customers to contact suppliers who do not have an existing goods inventory.

All Navy purchasers should look at DoD EMALL ( and see how it can help them complete their mission, by reducing prices, improving delivery, and increasing accuracy.

To learn more about the DoD EMALL, contact Betty Magaro at (717) 605-3706 or DSN 430-3706, email betty.magaro@navy.rail.

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