DCST DOT San Joaquin—small unit, big results

DCST DOT San Joaquin—small unit, big results

Bob Bechill

Providing world-class logistics support is the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) primary mission. An integral part of that mission is the support provided by one of DLA’s key Reserve components: Defense Contingency Support Team-Distribution Operations Team (DCST-DOT) San Joaquin. Based out of the Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, California (DDJC), this 30-member Naval Reserve unit has made several, significant contributions to our nation’s war fighting efforts in the past year.

As evidenced by Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and other missions, today’s Reservists need to be fully trained and ready to work alongside their active duty counterparts. Fully versed in Defense Distribution Center (DDC) operations, DCST DOT San Joaquin team members were able to hit the ground running in support of several DDC sites in 2002 and early 2003.

In addition to performing weekend contributory support to DDJC throughout the period, unit members on annual training (AT) or extended annual training (ADT) provided more than 9,300 man-hours of active duty support to DDJC, Defense Distribution Depot Europe; Defense Distribution Depot Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna, Pa.; and Defense Distribution Depot Yokosuka, Japan. In dollar terms, the total value of DCST-DOT’s productive effort exceeded $240,000.

With additional expertise in material handling and packing, warehousing, and distribution operations, unit members also provided assistance in picking, packing, and palletizing 463L pallets for further transportation to front-line forces.

“In this era of round-the-clock logistics support,” said CAPT James Chang, SC, USNR, DCST/DOT San Joaquin Commander, “getting the right material to the fight place at the fight time can mean the difference between life and death. Each unit member realized their key role during all AT and ADT evolutions and the results show it.”

Another highlight of the past year was the unit being awarded the prestigious Leo V. Bilger Award. Awarded annually to Reserve units achieving the highest levels of training and readiness, the “Bilger” places DCST-DOT San Joaquin in the top 10 percent of all Naval Reserve units. Excellence comes easy to DCST-DOT San Joaquin as the unit was also awarded a “Bilger” in 2000.

“In addition to strong operational expertise and achievements,” said CAPT Chang, “the unit has achieved considerable success in the personnel area. During the past year the unit had a 30 percent promotion rate, eligible reenlistments or extensions were 100 percent, and a number of personnel consistently volunteered for numerous periods of extended active duty.”

“We were able to maintain unit readiness at a very high level, provide significant contributions to all gaining commands, and provide a net positive return on the taxpayer’s investment,” said CAPT Chang. “I am immensely proud to serve with the members of this unit.”

While 2002 was a very successful year for the DCST-DOT San Joaquin unit, 2003 has started off strong. The unit continues its monthly support of DDJC and has already sent several members on extended active duty in support of the war effort. While the unit is small, it is extremely motivated and full of talented personnel. Regardless of its size, DCST DOT San Joaquin has a proven track record of success and stands ready to support ongoing DDC operations at any time and any place.

CAPT Bob Bechill is currently assigned to NR VTU Supply 1915 and NR DCST DOT San Joaquin. He is the Dean of Evening Programs at Heald College in Stockton, Calif.

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