Customers continue to save money when they shop at their Navy Exchange

Customers continue to save money when they shop at their Navy Exchange

The Navy Exchange Service Command’s (NEXCOM) most recent pricing survey, conducted in June 2005, shows that customers once again save over 21 percent on the products they purchase from the Navy Exchange. The savings are even greater when sales taxes are added.

“This is the fourth consecutive pricing survey that shows our customers save over 21 percent on products and services they purchase from their Navy Exchange,” said RADM Robert E. Cowley III, NEXCOM’s Commander. “This is considerably higher than the Department of Defense (DoD) mandated 11 percent savings as required by the ‘Social Compact.’ We take our mission of saving our customers money very seriously. I think the consistency in our savings percentage shows that.”

To determine the savings, Retail Data, an independent research firm, shopped 36 different departments in eight major regions in the United States. The average savings found in each department was used in determining the overall 21.87 percent savings. Some of the departments where customers save a significant amount are:

* furniture at 34.67 percent;

* boys’ clothing at 34.07 percent;

* girls’ clothing at 33.85 percent;

* men’s clothing at 29.50 percent;

* infants clothing at 25.89 percent;

* household products at 25.54 percent;

* ladies’ clothing at 23.12 percent. These all reflect savings before sales tax.

The survey also determined savings by eight major regions in the United States. The savings found in Bethesda, Md., were 22.08 percent; in Everett, Wash., 23.37 percent; in Great Lakes, Ill., 20.92 percent; in Jacksonville, Fla., 21.49 percent; in Norfolk, Va., 18.73 percent; in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 23.61 percent; in Pensacola, Fla., 20.42 percent; and in San Diego, Calif., 23.32 percent.

The survey also compared prices on approximately 400 items in Navy Exchanges against major retailers. The survey found Navy Exchange customers saved significantly over other retailers including Wal-Mart at 8.10 percent; Eckerd at 32.49 percent; K-mart at 22.69 percent; Target at 15.94 percent; Hecht’s at 27.55 percent; Bloomingdale’s at 27.14 percent; Dillard’s at 24.84 percent; Albertson’s at 22.38 percent; Barnes & Noble at 27.37 percent; Circuit City at 12.91 percent; and Best Buy at 11.59 percent.

The savings aren’t limited to retail items. Customers also save when purchasing services at the Navy Exchange including 31.24 percent over Hair Cuttery; and 33.49 percent over Master Cuts.

“All of us in the Navy Exchange System remain ever committed to ensuring our customers receive a good value at their local Navy Exchange and enhance the Quality of Life for each Sailor and family member,” said Cowley.

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